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CYPHER LEARNING takes Drone Operations to the next level

CYPHER LEARNING, a leading provider of intelligent learning platforms for schools, universities and organisations around the world, announced the successful implementation of its MATRIX learning platform for Drone Operations 

Drone Operations provides specialised drone training in private and public schools across Australia in the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Excluded Category, which includes under 2kg remote piloted aircraft (RPA). 

The Gold Coast-based training organisation chose MATRIX LMS for its innovative capabilities and seamless integration of training modules to create a turnkey solution - teachers (mentors), VET coordinators and parents will also have access to a portal to keep up to date with student progress. This partnership empowers schools with state of the art learning materials, as students work towards obtaining the AVI30419 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) - MW training RTO: 2510 uses Drone Operations resources to deliver and assess all learners. 

“Drones offer a different perspective for the pilot and opens up a new realm of possibilities in disaster response, meteorology, science & research, even film and video,” said Graham Glass, CEO and Founder of CYPHER LEARNING. “We’re excited to be such an integral part of the journey with Drone Operations to bolster its offerings, as Australia becomes one of the leading cradles for drone applications and development.” 

In addition, the full implementation of MATRIX LMS will assist Drone Operations to meet the national training standards set out by CASA and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).   

“MATRIX LMS has the best solution of any LMS on the market. The support we have received from CYPHER LEARNING has been brilliant. We found that MATRIX LMS was the only solution that could offer our business an entirely different organisation portal for each school, allowing the teachers (mentors), students, parents, and school training coordinators to all have a separate login to monitor the entire students journey in their training,” said Laurie Radcliffe, Managing Director and Founder of Drone Operations.

“We also required an LMS that could map to ASQA and TGA requirements to every learning and assessment activity, this is an invaluable tool for any government audit. Our main focus is to promote Drone (Aviation) studies to senior schools in Australia to prepare our next generation of Drone Flyers for their future careers in this very emerging industry, which is about to explode all around the world.  

For more information about CYPHER LEARNING, please visit


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