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Validity Relaunches Partner Program to Empower Best-in-Class Data Management and Email Marketing Service Providers

Platonic Ideal, New Blue Interactive, Reach Marketing, and Jarrang are the latest additions to the program, which reopened this month

Validity, the leading provider of data quality and email marketing success solutions, has announced the relaunch of the Validity Partner Program. A strategic initiative which supports email marketers in optimising their customer engagement programming and increases email marketing and data management ROI. As part of the relaunch, Validity has announced Platonic Ideal, New Blue Interactive, Reach Marketing, and Jarrang as the latest additions to the program.

In light of the tumultuous economic landscape, marketers need solutions that allow them to execute attention-grabbing campaigns that customers actually want to engage with, along with actionable insights on how their campaigns are performing in order to drive real success. Global email volume rose 14% from 2020 to 2021, and it’s expected to keep trending upward in 2022. That means it’s not only harder than ever to get noticed in cluttered inboxes, but there’s an ever increasing chance of emails not ending up in the inbox at all due to blocklists, spam traps, and receiver filtering.

Through the Validity Partner Program, businesses gain access to the full suite of Validity products, enabling them to navigate this uncertain landscape.

Validity is honored to continue fostering mutually beneficial relationships and support best-in-class service providers across the globe,” said Karen Friedrich, SVP of Global Channels at Validity. “Our preferred partners are able to benefit by adding new revenue streams, making our shared customers more successful, and amplifying their brand presence to a broader audience. As businesses are faced with a challenging email and data landscape amidst an uncertain economic market, we’re confident that our product suite offers the best solutions for the world’s top service providers.”

With a strategic focus on developing mutually beneficial partnerships, Validity prioritises a deep understanding of the challenges faced by today’s marketing teams, and the Validity Partner Program is uniquely positioned to address those needs. Platonic Ideal, New Blue Interactive, Reach Marketing, and Jarrang are just a few of the many latest additions to the Validity Partner Program which will continue expanding through the end of the year.

We are thrilled to partner with Validity to bolster our customer email marketing program,” said Brandt McCool, Chief Technology Officer of New Blue Interactive.

"At Platonic Ideal we use Validity because we believe getting the best data yields the best results for our clients,” added LoriBeth Blair, Founder of Platonic Ideal. “We have tried numerous Inbox Placement, DMARC and Reputation monitoring solutions and, in our humble opinion, Everest is simply the best."

Jarrang is committed to delivering the best results for its customers. We believe that excellent deliverability is key to email marketing success,” said Stafford Sumner, CEO of Jarrang. “Which is why we're thrilled to partner with Validity to bolster our email marketing deliverability services, ensuring our teams are armed with the essential data and insights to optimise our customer campaigns.”

Building partnerships is critical to the success of our customers, we are consistently looking for opportunities to optimise our service offerings so that we can continue to offer high caliber experiences," Stafford said.

This newest round of partnerships reflects Validity’s continued momentum. Earlier this year, the company also acquired MailCharts and introduced DemandTools Elements and Everest Elements, showcasing its focus on innovating their product offerings and tailoring their services to businesses of all sizes.

Learn more about the Validity Partner Program at link.


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