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80% of SMEs ditch DIY travel in favour of a Travel Management Company

  • Written by Corporate Traveller

CORPORATE TRAVELLER in Australia has revealed 80 per cent of new business wins in August have come from SMEs ditching the DIY model in favour of the traditional Travel Management Company – a sign that personalised support will be vital when domestic and international borders reopen. 


Australia’s only dedicated SME travel management provider won 47 new businesses last month with a broad range of sectors being added to an already strong SME travel portfolio. 


“SMEs are the backbone of the Australian economy and pent-up demand for them to travel as soon as our borders reopen is clear,” said Corporate Traveller General Manager Australia Tom Walley. 


“From the conversations I’ve had with prospects and current clients, they see this time as a window of opportunity to reset their travel plans and concentrate on what will provide the most value going forward, and that human interaction and support is right up there. 


“There’s no doubt DIY travel does work for some, but the fact is when borders reopen at home and abroad there are going to be a number of rules and regulations to abide by, and who wants to do all their own research on different requirements when you can just pick up the phone to an expert? 


“SME businesses will lead the economic fightback and we’ve already seen the great resilience they have shown during lockdowns – we look forward to helping all our new companies and we expect this DIY to Travel Management Company trend to continue in the short-to-medium-term.” 


A key partnership inked in recent times was that between Corporate Traveller in Australia and iconic jeweller Wallace Bishop – a new relationship that was the epitome of a match made in heaven. 


“While we have only been with Corporate Traveller for a short time, I can positively say we won’t be leaving them any time soon,” said a spokesperson for the nationwide family business. 


“From the very first phone call, through the whole process of setting up a portal that is tailored to our means, it has been a great experience.  


“Being able to easily book flights, accommodation, and car services all in one system is saving us so much time and having it all in one itinerary keeps paperwork to a minimum. I have used quite a few travel agencies and booking systems in the past, but nothing compares to Corporate Traveller.” 



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