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How to Subtly Promote Your Business At Conferences

Promoting a business at a conference can be a hard thing to do given the competition and noise. Finding unique ways to ensure people notice you and your business isn’t impossible, but you do need to be a little creative. These creative ways to subtly promote your business can have a big impact on the potential leads you can generate. To learn how to subtly promote your business at conferences, here are a few tried and true tips.


Conferences can be a hotbed of merchandise, but to subtly promote your business, get creative with your merchandise approach. Sponsoring a conference or offering to provide lanyards for all guests to wear is a small expense for you and a potentially huge promotion for your business. Conferences can draw crowds in the thousands, and if each and every one of those attendees is wearing a lanyard with your brand on it, there is sure to be a lot of promotion. Lanyards are an essential item at conferences, make sure you get in quick and offer to sponsor them early so every attendee is wearing your brand.

Host a panel

Conferences are designed to be a place where professionals can learn and develop their skills. A great way to subtly promote your business is to get involved in the conference. Don’t do a talk on your business though, that isn’t subtle. Try hosting a panel discussion about a critical topic. Panel discussions are great for attendees to hear from experts in the field, and the positivity they take away will include you as a host. This will help to boost your reputation and subtly help promote your business as well. Focus on a popular topic, and find a range of experts to help you tell the story. This kind of involvement in a conference is sure to help people remember you and your business.

Sponsor an event

Conferences can be draining, and introducing a little fun is always a great way to engage attendees and create a memorable event. Try sponsoring an event, but not one that is professional in nature. Think outside the box and hire photo booths, or sponsor a barefoot bowls game at the local lawn. By sponsoring this event, your business isn’t directly saying do business with us, you're subtly sending the message that your company is about enjoyment as well. 

These kinds of events at conferences are what people remember, and by sponsoring them, they will remember your business too. Be sure to find a subtle way to mention the fact your business is sponsoring the event, but don’t go overboard with signage or talking about your business the whole time. If there is an event that makes more sense for your business to sponsor, then make sure you do that. 


Everyone loves a raffle or a prize draw, and they are the perfect way to subtly promote your business. Run a lucky door prize or a silent auction for attendees. This may require a little leg work to find the prizes, but it will live long in the memory of attendees. When you’re deciding on prizes, be sure to make at least one from your company. This way every time someone engages with the raffle or auction, they are seeing your brand. Not only will you gain exposure from running the giveaway, but your brand will also feature prominently in the prizes. The old saying holds true, people love free stuff and the thrill of winning. Combine both and you’ll ensure that your business is subtly promoting itself at any conference.

Coffee carts

Conferences and coffee are like milk and cookies, inseparable. A great way to ensure your business is able to subtly promote itself is to do a morning of coffee on you. Offering attendees free coffee will not only help promote your business, but it will also ensure people remember it. Coffee is a lifeline at a conference and if it’s on your business, attendees will surely remember the name. If you don’t want to go as far as buying coffee for attendees, then ensure you have a place near the coffee vendor or signage at the very least. People congregate at coffee carts or bars at the best of times, at conferences the lines are long and the wait time is where idle eyes notice things. Being next to or having signage at the coffee cart will ensure your business gets promoted without being too in the face of attendees.

Conferences are a fantastic way to promote your business and you. Oftentimes, businesses can take this a little over the top. If you have conferences coming up and need tips to help promote your business subtly, then try our tips today.


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