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What is Genealogy & Why is it Important?

You’ve probably heard of genealogy, or you’ve seen people online talking about it. If you’re not familiar with the term, let’s explain it more in-depth, so you’ll know about it more. Genealogy is often considered a hobby, especially among people from the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Also, it’s necessary to emphasize the importance of genealogy, especially the ways it can impact your life. So read on to find out more about it.

So, what is genealogy?

Genealogy is doing research on your family history and ancestors in order to learn more about yourself. This is quite common in places that have mixed populations, such as the USA and Canada, to name only two. Also, genealogy often means different things to different people, which is why the individual approach to it matters a great deal. However, there’s one thing that is in common regardless: the practical aspects of genealogy research. These practical aspects are often called practical triggers that prompt one to research their family tree.

What are the practical aspects/triggers of genealogy research?

The practical triggers are often the most common ones we think of when we say genealogy research. Wanting to know family history, tracing medical conditions, confirming paternity, tracing land ownership, and tracing famous people are only some reasons why an individual would opt for genealogy research. The majority of those aspects are personal in nature, which is why genealogy research is often considered an intimate journey to self-discovery and reclaiming one’s identity.

How is it done?

Of course, any individual is free to conduct their own research. If you’re considering doing this, feel free to talk to your family members or to delve into research by yourself. However, proper research requires you to hire one or even more professional genealogy specialists that possess all the skills and tools for the job. Therefore, if you want to hire a professional, then it’s important to gather all the relevant information, including documents and pictures that will make the research smoother. Keep in mind that you have to be prepared well in order to get the best results out of the research.

We have already mentioned practical aspects of genealogy research, but what about philosophical ones? What are they exactly and how different are they from practical aspects? In order to answer these questions, we should emphasize that genealogy research exists across all cultures and all time periods. The core root of genealogy lies in human curiosity, and we’ve all known that such curiosity is also the reason why we’ve progressed so much as species. So, the philosophical aspects of genealogy can be summed in three basic questions:

If this seems similar to religion, you’re actually right. Since the beginning of time, humans have been inherently drawn to discovering their own origins. People have an innate desire to know where they come from. This is why genealogy and religion share a philosophical connection.

What can one learn from genealogy?

This type of research revolves around learning about your ancestors and your family tree. In reality, the best way to learn valuable lessons is to “flip” your family tree timeline and see it through the eyes of one of your ancestors. The truth is, a lot of your ancestors had to go through incredible hardships and suffering in order to survive. Learning about their perseverance, inner strength and wisdom can be an important life lesson for you. Besides, it can also be a great way to boost your self-confidence knowing that you’re descended from brave and smart people like your ancestors.Is this research worth your time and money?

Of course, the answer is yes. But, it’s important to realize that you might find certain information that might be a bit too heartbreaking to bear. After all, genealogy is personal history on an individual level. It can help you satisfy your yearning for learning about your family history and past. As we already said, humans have been doing it for centuries, because each one of us wants to learn about our own personal history in order to be better prepared for the future that lies ahead.

Genealogy is a hugely important aspect of your own personal journey, which is why you should definitely consider doing research on your own family tree. Your ancestors that have come before you can teach you many important lessons that can have tremendous benefits on your life.


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