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Meet Ben Klatt, Brisbane-based Expert in Education and Leadership

Ben Klatt is the CEO of Skills Recognition International, a leading education and training provider for Australian and international students and businesses. He is an expert in a range of industries, including education and training, business compliance, and government and non-government organisations.

Now approaching 20 years of experience in Human Resources and Education, Ben seeks to disrupt traditional learning and development programs to deliver quality workplace training and online learning for students across the globe. Ben is based in Brisbane but maintains international offices in Malaysia and Hong Kong. 

A Foundation in Education

Ben’s career started with his Bachelor of Business in Human Resources Management at Australian Catholic University. After a few years in the industry, Ben completed a Masters in Strategic Management at Queensland University of Technology.

Ben’s commitment to building knowledge and expertise continued with the completion of the following diplomas:

  • Graduate Diploma Portfolio Management
  • Graduate Diploma Strategic Leadership
  • Diploma of Management
  • Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety
  • Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
  • Diploma of Training Design and Development

From Consultancy to Innovation

Fresh out of university, Ben became a NEIS consultant at Sarina Russo helping establish small businesses. His career trajectory quickly led him to roles with greater responsibility and scope including as Project Manager for AusIndustry, the Training Institute of Queensland, and Asset College.

After years of experience consulting and managing in government and private industries, Ben wanted to go beyond the stock standard approach to accredited and soft skills training and fill gaps in the market. With a strong focus on helping people and businesses reach their fullest potential, he started Skills Recognition International in 2015, a large enterprise leading innovation in vocational education and training across a range of industries.

A Leader of the Future

Coupling extensive industry experience with an in-depth understanding of evolving learning trends, Ben continues to research and innovate to deliver bespoke training and development for medium to large organisations. He stays at the forefront by maintaining global industry connections, updating knowledge management systems, and ensuring that managers and staff are up-to-date and fully trained. Through SRI, Ben has developed one of the best skills assessment programs for Recognition of Prior Learning.

Media Contact

With two decades of experience, Ben Klatt brings in-depth knowledge and innovative solutions to Learning and Development and Human Resources.


Media Contact: 1300 909 956

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LinkedIn: Ben Klatt


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