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Make your professional voyage carefree with the BlueParrott M300-XT

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Today, BlueParrott, a leader in wireless headset technology (part of GN Audio, which also owns Jabra), launches the new M300-XT noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset – engineered to keep you connected on the go. Working out and about in changing and noisy environments requires optimal connectivity, clear communication, and flexibility. Whether you are a professional driver, working in field services, in retail, or in any job that requires you to communicate on the move, this new and innovative Bluetooth mono-headset has you covered for a smooth communication experience with customers or co-workers without any disruptions – making it a reliable partner for all the voyagers out there. 


Staying connected is a must in today’s fast paced environment. Data has shown that by 2030, 60 per cent of people are estimated to live in cities, with 2.1b people expected to buy goods online by 2021. As a result, there will be an estimated 78 per cent growth in urban last mile delivery, leading companies trying to find ways to add value and ensure efficiency in that critical delivery moment.[1] This puts more pressure on delivery drivers, as well as all other professional groups involved, and tech devices are essential in helping them master productivity and efficiency and keeping them connected on the go.

The new BlueParrott M300-XT’s packaging is specifically designed with the environment in mind – its cardboard is made from sustainably sourced materials that are FSC certified, and the hanger is made from recycled plastic. The ink is soy based, ensuring a healthier environment using less water and chemicals in the production. The packaging has a compact design to ship less air in the distribution phase, and is 100% recyclable by the end-user.


Ultimate efficiency and clear communication

The new BlueParrott M300-XT with its comfortable new design addresses these challenges head-on. The Bluetooth mono-headset is the smallest and lightest BlueParrott headset, weighing in at just 0.7 oz/20 g. Especially designed for noisy environments, the M300-XT 

has an unparalleled 80 per cent of noise cancellation with its 2-microphone technology, creating a clear communication with no annoying sound interruptions, wherever you’re calling from. 

It has a wireless range of up to 100 m / 300 ft, ensuring more mobility for workers in their day-to-day job – whether you constantly have to move away from your vehicle for a delivery, or walk around a retail store: the ultra-light weight headset offers all-day comfort, while the wireless range makes sure you have a stable connection. The M300-XT also delivers up to 14 hours of talk time on a single charge, so you can keep communicating, even on the longest shifts. 

The design is IP54-rated, which means it’s protected against dust and water so it’s rugged enough to go wherever you go. The headset offers the flexibility to wear it on either ear, and the 3 EarGels in different sizes make for a secure and comfortable fit, no matter how much you are moving around throughout the day. 

The intuitive buttons guarantee an easy call handling and the customisable BlueParrott Button allows you to program it with your most-used function, for instant access anywhere. Instantly speed dial your contacts, mute calls, or Push-to-Talk. 

Yves Dupuis, SVP at BlueParrott, said: “People working in professional driving, field services, or retail are facing higher demands than ever before. The trends we are seeing lead to an enhanced focus on efficiency and optimal customer service in a challenging environment. With last mile delivery being on the rise, the customer experience is seen as an extension of the brand, making it essential for drivers, and other employees involved, to work in a timely, consistent and efficient manner – now more than ever. It is therefore substantial to make their day-to-day jobs in this challenging environment as productive and comfortable as possible. The new BlueParrott M300-XT is the perfect companion for those workers on the move.”


BlueParrott M300-XT key features and specifications: 

  • 80 per cent noise cancellation with 2-microphone technology
  • Ultra-small and ultra-light for all-day comfort
  • Up to 14 hours of talk time with convenient USB-C charging
  • Wireless range of up to100 m / 300 ft for ultimate mobility and flexibility
  • IP54-rated protection against dust and water
  • Customisable BlueParrott Button for speed dial, mute, or Push-to-Talk


BlueParrott M300-XT pricing and availability

The BlueParrott M300-XT is available in selected retailers, MSPR $149. 

Find out more about BlueParrott at


[1] McKinsey, 2019


About BlueParrott

BlueParrott®, a GN Audio brand, is a category leader in high-performing headsets for the noisiest and most demanding work environments. Helping mobile, manufacturing and warehousing professionals stay connected, our BlueParrott line has long been the favorite of professional truck drivers and industrial users and is time-tested to meet the demands of any workplace. The BlueParrott line of Bluetooth® devices meet the highest global standards for product quality and service, backed by the industry’s best warranties. 


GN Audio is part of the GN Group. The GN Group, founded in 1869, operates in 100 countries and has 150 years’ experience in innovation and delivering reliability and ease of use. Today, GN employs 6,500 people, and is Nasdaq Copenhagen listed. GN makes life sound better.

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