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Compare Club launches ‘Join The Club’, in partnership with Nine

Australia’s leading personal finance marketplace and advice company Compare Club has launched its first-ever brand-focused campaign via global creative agency Archetype, titled ‘Join The Club’. 

The animated advert is designed to show how Compare Club can solve everyday financial stresses on major expenses such as home loans and health insurance. 

It builds on the ExpertEase platform that the brand launched earlier this year via production house 90 Seconds, which Mickey Madgett, Creative Director at Archetype, was the original brains behind when he worked in-house at Compare Club as a freelancer before joining Archetype.

The advert shows a barbecue setting, where friends complain about their household bills when the woman on the barbecue wearing a Compare Club branded apron puts out the fire and explains that Compare Club can help you switch providers and lenders to save money, and does all the work for you, making switching easy with the prowess of its experts - Compare Club’s ExpertEase

The ad airs this week exclusively across Nine network countrywide, 2GB, 3AW, 4BC, mid-morning advertorial, and digitally across Nine's news properties including The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. The media buying was done in-house. 

Compare Club Chief Marketing Officer Rich McPharlin said the company’s first brand-focused campaign with the biggest spend yet is aiming to properly introduce themselves to Australians. 

“We're now the biggest health and life insurance comparator in the country, and have a growing home loans book, but we’re also one of Australia’s best kept secrets - and we knew that we needed to make a splash with a brand focused campaign.”

“Nine was a logical choice of partner for us with the scale and reach of their network, while shows such as A Current Affair and their talk radio programming have a history of standing up to make a positive difference in the lives of ordinary Australian households, which aligns with our mission to improve our nation’s finances.

“Creatively, Mickey and the team at Archetype really got our business challenge with a concept that stretched across all media channels. They really picked up on our points of difference over other comparators and we loved the simple idea that joining the club could save people thousands.”

“Our aim is to become the biggest comparator in Australia, all built on the bedrock of our ExpertEase.”

This is Compare Club’s first major campaign in the brand space and will be balanced by their in-house performance team.

“We've always invested heavily in digital but we can see the benefits already of having a strong brand. We'll still continue to be one of Australia's most successful digital marketing teams but we're now applying the same data and audience intelligence that we've used to build the business to build the brand in order to grow our market share.

“We can see huge growth potential for our end-to-end business model, especially as finances get more complex and households need to get as much value as they possibly can from their insurance, mortgage and other bills.”

“We're not here to win awards. We're here to get as many people as possible to Join The Club.”

Mickey Madgett, Creative Director at Archetype, said, “I’ve known the Compare Club team for a while now, working with them last year to develop their creative platform, ExpertEase. It was fantastic to be asked to come back with my new agency, Archetype, to deliver Compare Club's first national campaign.”

“The cost of living in Australia has risen across the board in the last few years, interest rates, insurance premiums and utility bills are through the roof and impacting everyone. As the old adage says, "join the club."

“Playing off this well-known phrase, we developed an integrated campaign to invite Aussies to join a different kind of club and discover how Compare Club's ExpertEase can help them find the right deal to save more.”

Watch the 30 second TVC at this link

Compare Club Credits: 

CMO: Rich McPharlin

Head of Performance and Growth: Jennifer Massena

Senior Brand Manager: Gary Andrews

Media consultant: Amanda Buckley

Head of Design: Niel Bhalshankar

Designers: Laksamana Shanahan, Samuel Dionysious

Digital Marketing Manager: Jimmy Li

Data Analyst: Earl De Vera


Archetype Credits:

Managing Director: Karen Coleman 

Client Services Director: Claire Chapman 

Head of Copy/Content Director: Benjamin Amdur 

Producer: Pamela Devied 

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