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Instinct Education Launch Free Online Business Course For Entrepreneurs

Instinct Education, one of Australia’s leading business education companies, have recently announced the launch of their brand new online business course - Genesis.

The free online training program has been designed for coaches, consultants, experts and high-ticket entrepreneurs in the early stages of business, looking to learn the ins-and-outs of building a successful business from the ground up. 

Instinct Education’s CEO Connor Marriott described the intention for the program:

The reason we created this program is, fundamentally; we work with coaches, consultants, experts, high-ticket entrepreneurs, and help them grow and scale their business. But sometimes when business owners come to us, they’re not yet at the point they’re ready to scale. So we’ve created [Genesis] for those of you who are in the earlier stages, to help set the foundations so that you can start getting clients and start growing your business.” 

What The Online Course Covers

The Genesis program promises to show business owners how to “never feel stuck in your business again”. The 6 lesson course walks through the various stages of business growth, breaking down the most important things to focus on at each step.

One of the things that makes Genesis stand out from other business courses is its emphasis on setting the correct expectations that business owners should be aware of when starting a business. Marriott highlights the distinction between Skills and Traits, emphasising the importance of developing the traits of a successful business owner in the early stages. 

To get what most people don’t have, you need to be prepared to do what most people won’t do. Having a successful business is not easy, despite what people online may tell you. You can’t just click a button and make money. You can’t do it in 10 minutes a day with zero effort. It’s impossible without effort, time, and sacrifice. But in saying that, it is 100% worth it.”

Genesis starts by giving practical and actionable steps for developing an offer and getting clear on your messaging. Following this, the program breaks down the ‘3 stages of client acquisition’; Lead Generation, Lead Nurture and Sales.  

What Type Of Businesses Is The Free Course For?

Whilst the program is targeted to coaches, consultants and high-ticket entrepreneurs in the early stages of business (‘Early stages’ described as making less than $10,000 per month), it is likely something all business owners will find valuable. 

The program's main lesson of ‘setting solid foundations’ is one that businesses at all sizes can embrace. As Marriott explains:

Most businesses focus entirely on acquisition, and often it doesn’t work. The reason being; Acquisition - lead generation, lead nurture and sales, is a byproduct of Delivery - your offer and your messaging. How can you attract someone if you don’t know who you’re talking to and what you’re saying to them? And how can you make a sale if you don’t have a great offer? If your messaging isn’t good no one’s going to respond to your marketing. If your offer isn’t good no one’s going to convert with your sales.”  

How To Access The Genesis Course Online

The free online buisness course, 'Genesis' is now available on Instinct Education’s website. Although the total course contains less than 90 minutes of content, the clear, simple and concise lessons provide the perfect starting point for any business owner looking to gain clarity on what to focus on when growing their business. 

The Genesis program is highly recommended for any business owner who is feeling stuck or unsure of which step to take next in their business. It is likely that you will hear some eye-opening statements, but, more importantly, you will walk away with a new sense of clarity and certainty in yourself and your business goals.

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