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Hunt and Brew launches Australia-first cold brew coffee

Australian boutique coffee maker Hunt and Brew has announced it will be sourcing the beans for its new “Australia” cold brew coffee from far north Queensland in a move that will make the company one of the largest buyers of Australian grown coffee beans.

“We want to bring Australian coffee lovers Australian grown beans so we hunted the globe and  actually found the finest single origin coffee beans within our home country - in the Atherton Tablelands region in far North Queensland, where the high altitude mountainous region makes for the perfect coffee terroir,” said Hunt and Brew manager Emily Creer.

Coffee growing in Australia began during the 19th century and the absence of major pests and diseases in northern Queensland means the reduced need for pesticides and other environmentally unfriendly treatments has led to cleaner, quality coffee beans.

Australia is one of the major coffee consuming countries of the Oceania region and nearly 19 million Australians consume at least one coffee a day. That means that Aussies as a nation consume more than 37 million kilograms of coffee a year.

Despite being such big coffee drinkers, just 600 tonnes of coffee is grown in Australia.

“It’s widely known that Australia has the best coffee culture in the world. The caffeine ritual is so ingrained in the Australian way of life that it’s part of our daily routine and important enough to walk further to ensure it meets our expectations,” said Senior Brand Manager Emily Creer.

Hunt and Brew has reached an agreement with Howe Farming Group to source at least 10 tonnes of local specialty grade Arabica coffee beans annually.

“We are delighted to be sourcing our coffee beans from Howe Farming Group, and we know that with the quantity we are buying Hunt and Brew will put Australian specialty coffee beans on the map,” said Miss Creer.

Hunt and Brew has pioneered a cold brew iced coffee product that passes the taste test for even the most discerning coffee drinkers.

Its label design and unique artistry has been illustrated by world-renowned Kerby Rosanes and transformed into an Australian crocodile, the endemic hunter of the region.  

“Certainly the pandemic has prompted Australian businesses and consumers to source locally. We set ourselves a challenge to hunt for Australian coffee beans, and we were ecstatic to discover world-class coffee beans being grown in our own backyard,” said Ms Creer.

Hunt and Brew Australia Single Origin Cold Brew Coffee will be sold in Woolworths nationally from this week.

“Woolworths is delighted to be able to offer our customers an Australian-first locally sourced cold brew coffee. Australians love iced coffee and we know there is a big market for people that want a cold brew that delivers on the cafe experience,” said Lang Juckes, Woolworths Category Manager - Chilled Milk.

The company is also actively exploring opportunities for export in the near future.

From left to right:

Bill Price

Emily Creer

Kimberly mastin

Vitaly Krutikov

Dennis Howe

Thomaz Charlie

Lang Juckes

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