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frank green invests in world class sustainable super site

Australia’s leading reusable product design and manufacturing innovator merges local  production, customisation and logistics activities, welcoming ‘frank green operations’ - a new,  6,000 square metre warehouse facility in Melbourne's inner west.

With sustained multiyear double-digit growth, frank green has cemented itself as one of the  world’s fastest growing sustainable businesses. The company’s mission to rid the world of  single-use plastic, has garnered a loyal and passionate following across Australia, New Zealand,  UK, Europe and North American Markets.

The new frank green operations will house all Australian based manufacturing, e-commerce,  wholesale, distributor and custom print orders on one super-site. It will provide new high skill  local employment opportunities while improving operational efficiency and reducing the  company’s carbon footprint. The move allows frank green to be more self-reliant in Australia  with more control over its operations and environmental impact.

Founder and CEO, Benjamin Young has long been committed to tackling the war on waste  and is thrilled to mark this major milestone.

“The new frank green operations facility enables us to more efficiently prepare our customer’s  orders, driving lower energy consumption and waste across our entire supply chain. It also  delivers the best service experience to our loyal customers. This is critical to ensuring more  people enjoy frank green products, reducing their reliance on single-use plastic ending up in  landfills and choking our oceans,” said Young.

“This is yet another example of our genuine commitment to investing in the Australian  economy and helping our planet’s current environmental emergency caused by single-use  plastic. The pandemic has accelerated our use of plastic and it needs to stop” continued  Young.

Launching in 2014 with breakthrough multi-award-winning reusable coffee cup and water  bottle designs, the company has since grown its range to over 20 products including insulated  food storage containers, reusable bags, coffee and tea and most recently, a home range with  porcelain bowls with glass and silicone heat retentive lids, weighted and brushed cutlery in  silicone pouches and sauce containers. The entire frank green product range has been  purposely designed to enable people to live every day free of single-use plastic. It’s the unique  combination of style, functionality, quality and innovation that has proven to meet the needs  of modern consumers.

Always striving to be best in class, the team at frank green purposely invests in ongoing  research and analysis into consumer habits driving use of single use plastic products that end  in landfill. These findings play an essential role in influencing future product developments.
Stay tuned for further announcements about our upcoming new and innovative product  range launches. @frankgreen_official


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