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The Importance of Customer Feedback for Your Online Business

  • Written by Brigitte Evans

Your perception of your business is unique. It has helped you build up your brand and establish your presence online, and above all, it has become the main way to connect with your target audience. What your brand perception is not, however, is the only relevant one to keep in mind. 

How your customers see your brand and their experience with your business has the power to transform the opinions of many, bring more people your way, and of course, help you become an even more relevant entity in your industry.

This is especially vital in the early stages of starting your business because it can help you grow your brand in the right direction. To learn about their views and experiences, you need to invest time in soliciting feedback, analyzing your customer journey, and look for other creative ways to ask for their comments and suggestions. Let’s dig a little deeper into the importance of feedback for your business as well as the different ways in which you can find out what your target audience feels about your brand. 

Building trust in your business

Feedback from your existing customers has one primary purpose: to inspire others in your target audience to take an interest in your brand. Their word has more value to your audience than all of your advertising and marketing combined, because they aren’t directly selling anything, merely sharing their experience. 

Another perk of asking for feedback is that those same customers whose opinions you seek will feel valued just because you asked for their comments. If you act on those comments and introduce improvements as well, they’ll be more inclined to keep talking about your brand in the future, too. Feedback loops help you generate word of mouth and build trust online, which is vital in this overly-competitive world of ours. 

Improving your product or service

Innovation is the driving force of success for all modern companies because you cannot stagnate if you want to expand your target demographic or keep your customers interested. That is why brands always look for ways to innovate their product or service, and the best possible way to do that is to ask your customers what they like or don’t like about your current offer. To innovate properly, you need to be able to collect feedback effectively and connect with your customers with ease.

One of the best ways to do that is to use your customer support team to collect feedback through calls, emails, and other communication channels. Most modern businesses have switched to VoIP technology, or voice over internet protocol, to make these interactions cost-effective and seamless globally. 

Do some research on the most reputable VoIP services available to find a provider that offers numerous features. Focus on various integrations such as voice analytics, recording, and video conferencing to keep your communication strategy unified and perfect for soliciting feedback. This will allow you to collect and keep your feedback in one place and fuel your innovation strategy with ease.

Boosting customer experience

Asking for customer feedback is a huge step forward for many companies that have been blind to this practice for a long time. However, simply asking isn’t enough. You need to take that feedback seriously and apply portions of what your customers suggest. Why? Because by asking, you show that you value their opinion, and by implementing changes, you show that you value their loyalty and are willing to adapt to fit their needs. 

Improving customer experience requires more than raw data analytics. You need to utilize the feedback they share with you to go the extra mile and make sure their experience with your brand will be better every time. Add to that, you’ll be able to pinpoint their purchase motives and apply the most effective persuasion techniques in your web design and content to appeal to their preferences, discovered through soliciting feedback. 

Reviews in the service of SEO

Publishing the feedback you receive in the form of reviews and testimonials means that you can add more relevant keywords into your website’s content. These organic keywords are powerful tools to fuel your SEO strategy, and they enable Google and other search engines to recognize the relevance of your business online and rank you accordingly. 

Asking for feedback doesn’t have to end with your website alone. You can invite and encourage your customers to leave their comments on other sites, including Google, Yelp, and the like – all of which will expand your online reach and contribute to your ranking. 

Whether you’re running a brand-new company or you’ve been in existence for decades – building trust is a never-ending pursuit. Your effort to ask for feedback and then implement your customers’ suggestions speaks volumes of your dedication to customer satisfaction and long-term customer retention. Feedback helps with everything, from building loyalty, to attracting new leads your way, so make time and get creative with your strategy, as asking the right questions can help you skyrocket your business over the years to come.

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