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Power BI Examples Reports

  • Written by Anna Koretskaya

In this article we will be looking at some Power BI Examples Reports. These reports are great for learning how to use Power BI effectively.

In this beginner-friendly Power BI example, you’ll learn how to use the Pharma Sales dataset. You’ll also learn how to use various data visualization types, including Tables, Column Charts, Bar charts, Treemaps, Cards and Smart Narratives.

1. Profit & Loss

Profit and Loss reports are a way to track a business's revenues and expenses in a particular period of time. They can show you a business's net profit (or loss), which can indicate how well your operations and sales strategy are working.

A P&L statement can look different from company to company, but they typically include the following three sections: Revenues, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Operating Expenses. You can use a P&L report to track your business's profits and losses month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter or year-to-year.

The Profit & Loss statement is also useful for determining gross margins, which are the difference between the costs of producing a product or service and what it's sold for. It can help you determine how profitable your products and services are, so you can make informed decisions about pricing.

Power BI is a great tool for creating Profit & Loss reports. It allows users to filter data at a single page level or sync it all the way across a report. This helps save users time and reduces errors.

2. Sales

Sales can be a complicated process and requires lots of data analysis. Power BI provides a variety of reports that can help you get a comprehensive view of your company’s sales activities and performance.

These reports can be customized for any business They’re great for assessing sales goals, tracking team performance against target, and identifying top performers.

The best part is that these reports are available from any place in the world. This makes them easy to check any time you need.

In addition to visualizations, Power BI also has several features that can help you analyze your data. These include a range of data transformations, including changing the data type, combining data with merge and append, pivoting, and unpivoting.

Another useful feature is the ability to view your data on a map, which can be particularly helpful for displaying sales data by location. In addition to analyzing the data, this feature can also help you identify trends and patterns.

3. Inventory

Inventory is a key component of a business. It helps businesses manage their supply chain, keep track of products, and determine whether they’re selling enough to make profit.

The most efficient way to manage your inventory is to categorize your products into priority groups. This will help you know which items to order more of and which ones you can afford to delay.

A good inventory management software can help you do this. It can increase count accuracy and income, eliminate human error and costly mistakes, and give you fast access to precise information so that you can move products quickly and accurately.

If you want to order a Power BI inventory management dashboard, here are some useful examples of popular reports that can help you visualize your data. These reports will help you get a compelling story for the data-driven decisions.

4. Employees

In a business setting, employees are a critical part of a company’s success. A powerful dashboard that combines employee data from across the organization helps key stakeholders better understand their workforce and drive important conversations.

To order a Power BI report, first create a model and draft what you want to analyze. 

For example, you may want to find out how many people have been a bad hire in a region.

The report also can show you how much of a difference there is in distribution between flight risk categories for different age groups. You can see that employees over 50 tend to leave voluntarily, which is an area that should be further investigated with more data.


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