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Singaporean Distributor Springmount Services Brings Australian Eco-Friendly Brand Natroshield To Singapore

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Singaporean Distributor Springmount Services Brings Australian Eco-Friendly Brand Natroshield To Singapore

Australian Brands Link Up to Provide Singapore with a Non-Toxic Alternative to Disinfecting, Mould Control, and Sanitizing

SINGAPORE, Nov. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Natroshield, an Australian innovator in the fast-growing market of non-toxic and alcohol-free disinfectants, mould control, and sanitisers, has announced a distribution deal with local distributor Springmount Services. Springmount Services is an innovative leader in the Real Estate Asset Facilities Service Industry and the partner of choice for contract and specialist cleaning throughout Singapore. 

Pictured Above: NatroShield Disinfectant Pictured Above: NatroShield Disinfectant

Andrew Walton, Chief Executive Officer of Springmount Services said, "In today's world, effectiveness is the number one priority for our clients. However, they also want to make certain that they do not expose their workers, clients, and guests to unnecessary toxins." 

He added "Natroshield provides a sense of comfort to our most sensitive customers, whether they be in  retail, any workplace  or large hospitality facilities, we endeavour to provide a green alternative for their use." 

Lisa Williamson, Partner, Natroshield said "We are pleased to be represented in Singapore by Springmount Services. We are encouraged when a company with such a well-known reputation for excellence choses a sustainable product like ours to meet both its sanitation requirements and its client's environmental initiatives."

Founded in 2002, Springmount Services is an award-winning integrated facility services organisation that provides cleaning for commercial, retail, government healthcare and entertainment and leisure facilities across Singapore. 

Through its One Planet programme, Springmount Services continues to grow its commitment to zero carbon and a more sustainable future. It is TQCSI YARAN Environmentally Certified and  has partnered with Carbon Neutral, a carbon solutions provider and carbon offset developer.

About Natroshield: 

Natroshield is a family owned, Australian owned business, manufacturing a range of non-toxic and alcohol-free disinfectants, sanitisers and mould treatments based on plant extracts. Using only botanical active ingredients, our products are increasingly used across the retail and commercial sectors, government agencies, in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia and now in Singapore. Natroshield products do not contain chlorine, quaternary ammonium compounds, alcohol, or peroxide –for those who care about people, pets, and our planet. For more information, visit

About Springmount Services PTE LTD

Springmount Services  is an award-winning integrated facility services organisation that provides excellence in cleaning, security, maintenance and ancillary support. To find out more about Springmount commitment to sustainability, please visit[1]




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