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The first launch of "The Human Memories Project" initiated by GIGATREE of Singapore was successful

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire - 5 December 2023 - The first launch of "The Human Memories Project" initiated by GIGATREE of Singapore was successful. The launch, which carried two satellites (Elliptical Space-Time Star Pool 1, Group II, Stars A/B), was launched at 12:10 p.m.

on December 4, 2023, by the Long March 2C Y75 carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. At present, the satellite has entered the predetermined orbit smoothly.

The content carried by this launch is the digital version of the Chinese book T'IEN-KUNG K'AI-WU (天工开物) and 100 Singapore-related figures, scenery, and historical photos, as well as "The Human Memories Project" proposal. T'IEN-KUNG K'AI-WU, an encyclopedia of ancient Chinese technology, became the first Chinese-language book in the history of humankind to go into space, and GIGATREE became the second company to launch a book into space, after Elon Musk's SpaceX launched The Galactic Empire.

Since Musk announced the "Mars Migration Program", the topic of interstellar migration has attracted much attention. In the future, if the "Mars Migration Program" is implemented, it will be a great breakthrough in exploration of the universe and life. However, the long wait and high cost will make most people shy away.

GIGATREE launches "The Human Memories Project" in 2022, which is dedicated to backing up and storing the memory of human civilization in space by launching satellites, space probes and planetary probes. In this program, in addition to launching the imprint of human civilization into space for backup storage, the company will also provide space backup storage services for personal memories and individual DNA sequencing and coding information. Compared with the long waiting time and high cost of the "Mars Migration Program", "The Human Memories Project" is a good complementary and alternative program. GIGATREE's concept of multi-node perpetual storage in space can provide interstellar migration of consciousness and DNA for more people in a more convenient and lower cost way.

GIGATREE Space Information Technology Company was founded by graduates of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. The founding team believes that Singapore, as the world's most crisis-conscious developed country, with its pragmatic, innovative and crisis-conscious culture, will breed more Singaporean companies that think and act for the destiny of humanity. In terms of "The Human Memories Project", the team expressed their hope to work together with Musk's "Mars Migration Program" to serve the future of humankind. GIGATREE is preparing for its second launch soon, and then there will be three satellites to store human memories together, initially completing the plan of multi-node space storage.

The history of human memory being stored in multiple nodes in space has since begun.

As of this writing, GIGATREE 's third satellite has been successfully launched.
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