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Discount Drug Stores improves Australia’s wellbeing with 100,000 health checks

  • Written by Red Havas - Brisbane

Leading national pharmacy brand, Discount Drug Stores (DDS), is proud to announce it has surpassed its goal of performing 100,000 health checks and interventions in 2019 as part of its ‘Wellness Revolution’ campaign, a new movement developed to improve the landscape of customer health and wellbeing across its pharmacies and health clinics, nation-wide. 


Branching away from the traditional pharmacy role of prescription filling, the campaign focused on redefining the company’s position in the healthcare sector by empowering patients to take greater control of their wellbeing. All DDS stores were challenged to improve the health of Australians by encouraging patients to sign up for our convenient and easily accessible in-store health services.


The campaign saw an increase of 41,242 consults performed by pharmacists from 2018, with the brand achieving a total of 137,519 health checks and interventions. The most popular consultations included flu vaccinations, medication reviews and asthma inhaler technique checks.


Discount Drug Stores Pharmacist Nicky Muscillo says the year-on-year increase in health checks is a testament to the brand’s commitment in supporting community healthcare across its local pharmacies.


“We continue to see increased support for our health services and we’re proud to be leaders in delivering the highest standard of health advice and services across our community pharmacies,” said Ms Muscillo.


“We developed ‘Wellness Revolution’ to further our work in the clinic and consultation space, helping patients combat chronic and prevalent health conditions impacting Australians today, including diabetes management, heart disease and heart health, and persistent pain.


“Pharmacies remain a convenient, easily accessible option to consumers and can offer a wide range of support, as well as referring patients onto GPs or specialists where appropriate. These results demonstrate the trust our patients and customers have in our profession to support their healthcare needs.”


Following DDS’ win of Roy Morgan’s ‘Australian Chemist / Pharmacy of the Year’ award in 2018, based on the highest annual customer satisfaction ratings, the ‘Wellness Revolution’ campaign was designed to build on this further and ensure DDS continues to improve customer satisfaction and their overall welfare.


“Our number one priority has always been to provide up-to-date health clinics, consultation services and medications, while staying on top of key industry trends to best meet our customers’ needs, and the results of this campaign speak for themselves,” continued Ms Muscillo.


“The ‘Wellness Revolution’ campaign is an innovative method of merging what makes our brand so successful into a singular, all-inclusive approach of delivering healthcare.”


DDS provides healthcare advice, services and products to customers across more than 135 stores in Australia. For more information about DDS, please visit

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