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3 Warning Signs That You Must Call a Plumber

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Many things can go wrong with your plumbing, some of which you can DIY, while some require you to engage with a professional. Fixing a problem yourself without the right skills and tools can exacerbate it. What started as a trickle of water beneath your bathroom sink could quickly escalate to catastrophe if you don't know what you are doing. Luckily, accessing reputable plumbers such as Bondi Plumbing is not complicated. There is only a call away to solve all your plumbing problems. When looking for plumbers, always visit their website to see the array of services they provide to ensure you hire the right team. This article will explore the signs to look for to know when to pick up the phone and call in a professional plumber.

Why It's Not Advisable to DIY

Even though there are many things we can guess our way through, plumbing is not one of them. Unless you have the right tools and are trained according to the recent standards with years of experience, you will be guessing any diagnosis and solution. Guessing and trying to fix even a minor problem could make things more difficult for you and risk your safety and your family. There are many safety concerns that you must keep in mind in the middle of a plumbing job. That's why it's wise for the sake of your safety and your household to call an experienced plumber.

Signs You Need to Call a Plumber Now

When in a plumbing emergency, thinking clearly and taking the right action can be challenging. That's why you need this list to guide you and help you avoid getting into an emergency.

1. Having a Backflow Issue

The chances are you have invested much in your flooring furnishing regarding rugs, carpets, and hardwood, which makes backflow a significant concern. If you see disgusting backflow water springing from the sink onto the bathroom tile, it should be time to call the plumber. Note that once the water enters your sink and goes down the drain, it enters a plumbing system that often smells odor. Even though it's icky to deal with, the backflow is usually caused by some minor issue, such as low water pressure, that reverses the water. The plumber will solve the problem by closing the main water valve and tackling the problem.

2. There is No Water Available

It's often heartbreaking when you try turning the faucet in your kitchen but find out nothing is coming out, and you paid all your water bills. There are many reasons why water fails to be delivered to your home. This includes undiscovered blockage or a leak somewhere. If all your plumbing is exposed, it can be easy to identify the problem. However, most of your plumbing is often concealed behind the walls and under your home, making it difficult to tell. The plumber has experience, and they can easily find the issue's genesis using diagnostic tools and work quickly to correct it.

3. Installing New Appliance

If you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, contact a plumber. Trying to DIY when installing significant appliances such as a new sink, dishwasher, and washing machine could lead to costly mistakes you are not ready to make.

Last Words!

You need to check the above signs to know when to call your plumber. Don't assume any issues, such as the toilet running even after you flush it a while ago, since it could lead to high water bills.


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