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Why So Many Successful Roofers Also Offer Exterior Services

You'll often hear that starting a reputable roofing business is a profitable decision. While this sentiment is common in the industry, you'll still find some of the most successful roofers offering exterior services. Here's why this is the case.

They Help Keep the Roof in Great Shape

While the roof is undeniably one of a home's largest and most important parts, it's part of a larger system. Issues affecting exterior features like gutters can cause issues for most roofs. For example, clogged gutters can cause significant roof damage if not cleared promptly.

That's why roofers often offer gutter cleaning and repair. These services typically come with a roofing package. Professional gutter cleaning entails clearing out clogs, filth, and debris. In contrast, gutter repair involves fixing any potential damage that increases the likelihood of leaks or the rate of wear on the roof.

Ice dam removal is another exterior service customers can expect from a roofer. Letting ice dams sit on a roof for too long can affect its structural integrity and cause issues with black mold. This will lead to costly future repairs. If you offer ice dam removal services, you'll be providing an essential service for your customers.

They Help Enforce a Roof's Energy Efficiency

The roof is one of the most significant contributors to a home's energy efficiency. State Farm claims that metal roofs reflect the UV and infrared light rays from the sun that cause radiant heat on the roof surface, which can lead to a 10–25% decrease in cooling costs. However, a homeowner can only enjoy these benefits if their home's other components are energy efficient.

For example, if they have faulty siding, it'll negate the efficiency of their roof. Siding is no different from other external components of a home when it comes to weather damage and aging. It can develop gaps, cracks, and holes that allow heated air to escape. So, following an extreme weather event such as a hailstorm, homeowners should also have a professional inspect their siding, just like their roofs.

Just like roofing materials, homeowners can also increase their home's energy efficiency through its color. Light colors reflect heat and serve to lower indoor temperatures. In contrast, dark colors absorb heat and tend to make houses warmer. To ensure the roof does its job efficiently, many professional roofers also offer siding repairs and replacements.

Window installation and replacement is another exterior service that roofing contractors frequently provide. Windows significantly affect the average home's energy efficiency and insulation. The Department of Energy estimates that 25% to 30% of the energy used for household heating and cooling comes from heat gain and heat loss via windows. As a reputable roofing an exterior contractor, you can point your customers to the best replacements for their home's needs and perform the installation correctly and efficiently.

Some roofers also offer skylight installation services. Skylights do what the utility company would otherwise charge for. They let more natural light into the home, improving a space's aesthetics and providing heat. This way, your customers can turn their thermostats down. Reflective skylight windows and coatings will allow your customers to keep the heat out during the summer.

They Help Enhance a Roof's Aesthetics

There's no denying the roof is one of the most noticeable components of the average home. It makes up about half of the exterior surface. That's why it's considered one of a home's most important aesthetic elements.

However, let's say a potential customer has a good-looking roof but a driveway that is in bad shape. In this case, most people's eyes will be drawn to the faults. This is partly why great roofing contractors may offer additional exterior services like asphalt driveway sealing. For new installations, they may recommend a specialist. The Spruce estimates installing a new asphalt driveway costs between $5 and $7 per square foot.

Take a good look at the exterior maintenance needs of the homes in your area; you'll notice that several other components need significant maintenance beyond what you see going on with the roof. These can affect how well the average roof functions. This is why a successful roofing business also offers comprehensive exterior services.

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