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  • Written by John Markarian, Managing Director, Soularch

What is Cold Plasma and how it works?

Cold atmospheric plasma is a powerful gas mixture of ionized  molecules and electrons. In addition to solid, liquid and  gaseous, it is referred to as the fourth state of matter.

The  charged particles eliminate:

•  Native bacteria

•  Pollen

•  Enveloped viruses

•  Animal epithelia

•  Fungi & mould

•  Odour molecules Only electricity and ambient air are required for generation. There is no waste material. Our devices generate the cold plasma using our unique and innovative plasma source.

It is believed that cold plasma technology will be the standard in various disciplines where hygiene is fundamental. It is a high-quality, sustainable and uncomplicated healthy technology solution that simplify people’s lives. Product development started in 2014 in Germany.

Extreme Convenience

The Cold Plasma disinfection system for air and surfaces sanitization offers maximum cost-effectiveness as no complicated filters have to be replaced. This leads to a maintenance-free device with no follow-up costs.

Four portable devices are available, for community transport, small and large rooms, health care facilities i.e  hospitals, clinics and surgical:

•  PlasmoCar

•  PlasmoHands

•  PlasmoAir (Pro & Compact)

•  PlasmoLight It also offers maximum comfort. The Cold Plasma devices can work automatically and continuously 24/7. Or it can be easily switched on and off, at any time.

Sanitization in real time 

The risk of infection is reduced after only half an hour. After that, the device disinfects, in real time and very quietly. Pathogens are directly eliminated from rooms and or transport as soon as someone enters the space and exhales. With any of the devices, the cold plasma is generated and distributed evenly and permanently into the room and on surfaces. The disinfection therefore takes place in real time and immediately.
When we look at different technologies available in the market, the air takes time to be filtered and to be blown out again. It is not immediate. 

Award-winning Product –  PlasmoHand

Giving the high volume of people and places which uses  some sort of hand sanitization,  here are some facts:

• Dermatologists confirm that alcohol-based disinfectants cause long-term skin damage when used repeatedly.

• Conventional disinfectants generate a lot of plastic waste.

• Large majority of people uses liquid disinfectant incorrectly.

• Classic air purifiers are bulky, loud and maintenance intensive.

• Classic air purifiers do not disinfect in real time because they first suck in the room air and filter it in the device. On the other hand, the patented plasma-activated aerosol is so effective that it even reaches the areas between the fingers, under the fingernails and the space between jewellery and skin. Unlike alcohols, it does not damage the skin’s own flora. The mixture is just as harmless for objects such as mobile phones, keys, credit cards and much more.

The product was awarded 2015 (Shaumburgh) and 2022 German Innovation Award, and in 2021 as the Best Hand Hygiene at Healthy Innovation Awards, Dubai.

Besides electricity and ambient air, PLASMOHAND requires a very small amount of specific process water – about one drop per application. It is atomized into the finest aerosols, whose tiny particles wet the entire hand.

Cold Plasma devices can be used safely in:

•  Waiting rooms and clinics

•  High-risk patients

•  Ambulances

•  Operating theatres

•  Community cars •  Hospitals

•  Buses and taxis •  Offices

Innovation is the key to tomorrow’s world and people love products that are safe, trustful and simple.

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