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How Commercial Cleaning Can Ensure Your Safety This 2022

The term “post-pandemic” doesn’t mean the pandemic is over, it means the virus has become endemic. And endemic doesn’t mean the virus is no longer dangerous. This rosy assumption puts public health in grave danger. This is why the new normal demands new kinds of cleaning and sanitation protocols. As cities throughout Australia ease their restrictions and business owners navigate through their reopening process, people expect businesses and workplaces to maintain stringent cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation protocols. This is where the benefits of hiring professional cleaning in Brisbane get into the picture. 

Why You Need Quality Commercial Cleaning

Whether it’s an office, a retail space, a bar, a restaurant, a café, a childcare facility, or a warehouse, it is more important than ever to reassure everyone who walks into your doorsteps that they are entering a clean and safe environment. Employees, visitors, clients, and suppliers, all deserve the peace of mind of a clean and hygienic space.

How can a professional commercial cleaning company help you with this?

Well, for one, they can keep all the clutter away and organize everything.  They will regularly clean surfaces off of dirt, grime, and organic matter. More importantly, they will disinfect each corner of your workspace using pre-emptive disinfection and sanitation practices to eliminate disease-carrying germs.

Specialist cleaning in particular can significantly minimize the spread of viruses in your workspace, keeping everyone comfortable and healthy. This is because they don’t just make workspaces look clean; they perform thorough disinfection to ensure each and every surface is free of any bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens.

Some commercial cleaning in Brisbane even offers green cleaning services to ensure 100% natural, environment-friendly, and safe cleaning. 

Facilities that need commercial cleaning 

Offices and workspaces

For workspaces with returning employees, a quality office cleaning means each workstation is thoroughly cleaned. This includes cubicles, desks, common areas like the lobby, pantry, reception, elevators, hallways, comfort rooms, etc. Commercial cleaners will make sure all surfaces in these areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

Moreover, they can help you creates a better work environment for yourself and your employees. 

Business establishments

Bars, coffee shops, restaurants, fitness centers, retail shops, and shopping stores, all these businesses need industrial-grade cleaning to ensure the health and safety of both employees and customers. The good thing about commercial cleaning in Brisbane is that companies can actually customize the cleaning and disinfecting strategy based on the exact needs of the business establishment. 

Medical facilities

Sanitation is non-negotiable in medical facilities, even before the pandemic. Today, however, cleaning protocols in medical facilities are far more stringent, this is to contain and even stop the spread of any disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Professional cleaners are well-experienced and properly equipped to handle the demanding cleaning needs of medical facilities. They have all the necessary expertise, tools, and equipment to safely disinfect, sanitize, and remove harmful wastes from hospitals and health centers. 


Keeping the learning environment clean slows the spread of illness and reduces the number of students and teachers who fall ill. The flu virus, in particular, can live on surfaces for as long as 48 hours, this is why proper cleaning and disinfection are crucial for the health and safety of students, teachers, and school staff members.

Commercial school cleaners focus on regular cleaning and disinfecting both shared and personal spaces and surfaces, from desks to door knobs, and light switches to books in the libraries. Moreover, expert cleaners can help maintain the condition of the educational facility, and a clean and comfortable learning environment can help boost the performance of both teachers and students. 

Aged care facilities

Most senior residents of aged care facilities and retirement villages have compromised immune systems, and as a result, they are highly susceptible to diseases. Not to mention their compromised physical state make them at risk of injury-causing accidents such as falls and trips.

Expert commercial cleaning companies in Brisbane are highly trained and fully equipped to deliver different kinds of cleaning, disinfection, and support for these facilities. They also can recognize hazardous elements and eliminate them from the environment to improve the safety of aged care residents.

Moreover, expert cleaners don’t only provide cleaning for surfaces and objects, they can also change linens regularly, clean or replace personal items such as toiletries, etc., to help maintain a clean and safe living area for the senior residents. 

Childcare facilities

With carefree children running around, touching everything using fingers they recently placed inside their mouths, childcare facilities are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and germs to run rampant. They share snacks, play with toys, and spend a lot of time in close contact with each other. As a result, infectious and contagious diseases can manifest themselves quickly in this environment. And much like the seniors, toddlers have lower immunity.

A commercial cleaning service can help prevent outbreaks of illness among children and daycare staff by keeping everything cleaned and disinfected, from books, desks, toys, and all surfaces. 

If you are looking for expert quality commercial cleaning in Brisbane and around Australia, CleanWorks has everything laid out for you. Their staff is exceptionally trained and fully equipped to handle all types of cleaning for all types of business facilities. They can also customize cleaning plans based on specific needs and budget constraints. 

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