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How to Become an Electrical Safety Specialist

  • Written by Anna Melnikova

High electrical voltage is dangerous to human life and health. That is why an electrical safety specialist must be present on the staff of any industrial enterprise. To start working with electricity directly, you must undergo training, pass a qualification exam and obtain an electrical safety certificate. The electrical safety specialist at Leaf Electrical Safety shares their knowledge with training courses. Training for electrical safety specialists is carried out with the help of courses in which they can quickly master the following job functions:

● Maintain the working condition of electrical installations and equipment, and use them in accordance with their functional purpose;

● Perform maintenance, repairs, production tests, modernization, and reconstruction of installations;

● Organize your activities in such a way as not to harm the environment;

● Identify facts of improper operation of electrical equipment, and accidents at work;

● Develop instructions that are necessary for the work of electrical personnel;

● Ensure fire safety in assigned area;

● Develop and implement ways to save electrical energy at the enterprise.

The experienced people at Leaf Electrical Safety have developed a wide range of training and development courses. They are engaged in training specialists in electrical safety, transferring their knowledge and skills in this area to them.

What is electrical safety and who needs to learn it?

Electrical safety is a complex of organizational and technical measures and means, the main purpose of which is to protect employees of the enterprise from direct exposure to electric current. In order to avoid the dangers associated with electricity, it is worth taking courses or contacting Leaf Electrical Safety. Here you will find electrical safety training to give your team the confidence they need when working on or around electrical equipment. Or you can order electrical safety programs. Bring clarity to your electrical team with our programs by calculating hazards and tagging equipment. Contact the electrical safety experts for expert advice or complete courses for you and your employees. Email us at INFO@LEAFELECTRICALSAFETY.COM or give us a call at (800)822 9532.


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