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Channel Your Inner Boss Lady In 2022 – The Smart Style Hacks to Sport This Look

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Women and style walk hand-in-hand! Whether you want to dress like the girl next door or a want to project a bohemian vibe, it's all on you. Gone are the days when there were rigid rules on how a woman should dress. Today, the fashion world is coming up with varied trends to cater to the various fashion preferences of a woman. And considering the fact that today most women have to step into a man’s world, they will have to dress accordingly to be taken seriously. So, when it comes to corporate meetings and the professional world, most women want to dress like boss ladies and call the shots.

Understanding the boss lady or boss babe vibe

Many women think that getting dressed in formals is all about approximating this look! That is not true. The core essence of projecting a boss babe or boss lady look is that you completely control yourself in terms of style and the work you do. When you choose to dress like the boss lady, you will have to ensure that you choose colors that complement the corporate scene and your skin tone and persona. You can't be wearing an attire that doesn't go well with your look or complexion and expect to pull off the boss lady look perfectly. It is a look where you need to look professional, assured, and authoritative at the same time.

The boss lady look is all about having everything in place. It means you need to appear like you are put together. It means that when it seems that you know your colors right, it projects that you know your job right as well.

How to create this look?

Are you thinking about how you can create the boss lady look? If yes, here are a few tactics that can help you in flaunting this look effortlessly.

  1. Solid colors will help

Colors have a huge role to play when you are trying to project a particular style statement. So, when it comes to projecting a boss lady look, you need to choose solid colors. It doesn't mean that you can't select shades that are a blend of two colors, but you need to match them with solid colors. For instance, if you decide to wear black blazer and trousers, you can wear a top that is a blend of black and white print. You can choose a polka dot top or one with streaks of digital print. The idea is to have 70% of the dressing in solid colors that will make you appear perfect for the corporate scene. You can count on solid colors other than black, include maroon, navy blue, military green, chestnut brown, crimson, and violet.

  1. Your make-up plays an important part

When you are channeling your boss lady vibe, you also need to pay attention to your make-up. You can't look simple and careless here like the girl next door. That means you have to choose everything in your make-up kit with precision. But you shouldn't overdo it as well. So, you can start by creating a clean face by applying the base make-up and contouring your face. Once that's done, make sure to choose a coral or light pink blush on and add just a hint of it. Your eye-make-up and lip shade are the two prominent parts of your boss lady look. So, take time to use your eyeliner to create a distinct eye look and use a lip shade that is neither too dark nor too light. Ideally, a brown or burgundy shade is a good choice.

  1. Get your hat game correct

If you choose the correct hat, you can project your boss lady look in the best way! Hats can add a distinct charm and style to your entire look, making you appear much classier and giving your personality a distinct edge. When you are planning to look like the boss lady, you can choose to wear a felt hat, as it looks sober and refined. The felt hat comes with a smooth surface and texture, which adds to your boss lady look. Ensure that you choose your felt hat in a dark color so that it complements the corporate ambiance.

Last but not least, your shoes play a crucial part in flaunting the boss lady look. If you are comfortable with heels, nothing looks better than stilettoes. But if you aren’t confident about sporting it correctly or think that you might hurt your heels by wearing stilettoes for a long stretch, wedges are a good option. Wedges can keep your heels supported and can also add an element of glamor to your entire look. Now that you know how to channel your inner boss lady, you can follow these easy hacks.


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