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Nine Reasons to Live in Brighton-Le-Sands

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Brighton-Le-Sands is famous as “Little Greece by the Bay” to the Greek community in the locality. It has a unique blend of a laidback suburban lifestyle and Mediterranean sophistication.

Brighton-Le-Sands is about 13 kilometres to the South of Sydney, in New South Wales, Australia. The eastern boundary of this gorgeous suburb is Lady Robinsons Beach, the longest beach in Sydney.

A businessman and developer, Thomas Saywell, recognized the potential in the area and sponsored a tramway connecting Lady Robinsons Beach to Rockdale through Bay Street.

By 1900, the New Brighton Hotel and various public swimming baths were iconic attractions. Brighton-Le-Sands served as an essential stopping point for the ferry service on the shores of Botany Bay.

Let’s explore Brighton-Le-Sands as you discover the top 9 reasons to live here.

1) Lady Robinsons Beach

Lady Robinsons Beach is famous as the longest beach in Sydney, stretching over more than five kilometres. It covers the area from the mouths of Georges River and the Cooks River on the western side of Sydney Airport.

The whole beach is Lady Robinsons Beach, but it has various sections named after the nearby suburbs such as Sandringham, Ramsgate, Dolls Point, Monterey and Kyeemagh. With so many options available, Brighton-le-sands has the perfect place for you to call home.

2) Cook Park

Cook Park is a fantastic place to chill and unwind with friends and family. The park has gorgeous picnic spots along the beach from The Grand Parade to Botany Bay.

3) The Diverse Dining Experience

You can enjoy the local cuisine at local favourites such as Le Sands Restaurant at the pavilion open seven days a week. Other popular restaurants that should be on your to-do list are such as Abode Thai and Meet the Greek.

4) Affordable Real Estate

The homeownership rate in Brighton Le Sands is higher than the national average. This is an indication that the real estate market is thriving.

Brighton Le Sands is ideal for real estate investments due to the growing population. You can buy the waterfront properties to live in or rent out for significant annual income.

5) Sans Souci

Sans Souci is on Botany Bay’s western shore, roughly seventeen kilometres south of Sydney’s central business district. It covers the area between Cook Park and Lady Robinsons Beach to the east and Kogarah Bay to the west.

From the bay sidewalks, biking tracks, cosy cafes and restaurants, Sans Souci is a little paradise, a stone’s throw away from all the necessary amenities.

6) Easy Access and Commute

Brighton Le Sands is less than thirty minutes from Sydney’s central business district. This short distance means you can work or do business in Sydney and easily commute back home.

The bus services operating between the neighbourhoods ensure efficient, affordable public transport.

7) Top-notch Education Facilities

The preschools such as Kyeemagh Infants School are welcoming, creating an environment where you'll feel safe leaving your kids. The community ensures an environment where all kids are well cared for.

8) Economic Growth

This access and proximity open up Brighton-Le-Sands to various business opportunities. The diverse community also ensures that multiple businesses can thrive to serve the different cultures.

9) Kyeemagh Suburb

Kyeemagh has a fantastic environment to raise a family. The area is quiet, away from crowds and the business district's hustle and bustle of activity.


Brighton Le Sands has an excellent environment to live, work, do business and invest. The location is ideal and accessible from various locations due to the nearby Sydney airport.

The real estate market is affordable, with fantastic waterfront and beachfront properties. With the current economic growth, it's high time to move to Brighton-Le-Sands.

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