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How to become a Polish citizen? – several ways to prove your origin

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Polish citizenship as a legal institution strictly regulated by Polish law is passed via the right of blood. According to that, a fully-fledged citizen of Poland can pass it to the next generations. However, citizenship by descent is not the only way to become a part of the Polish nation. In today’s article, we have decided to focus on the issue of Polish citizenship confirmation. Who can take part in the confirmation process, and what kind of formalities an individual has to meet? Check it out!

Ways of acquiring Polish citizenship 

Acquiring Polish citizenship as a foreigner offers many benefits. Once the confirmation process successfully comes to the end, an individual not only becomes a citizen of Poland but also a European citizen. What does it mean? Being a fully-fledged citizen allows you to travel with no visa restrictions or border controls and study for free at many universities in Europe. What’s more, Polish citizenship also lets you live or work anywhere you would like to in Europe and pass it to the next generations. If you have children, they obtain the same citizenship as you, which means they also gain similar rights to live or travel freely. The only obstacle when it comes to passing citizenship is the inability to obtain Polish citizenship by marriage.

There are a few more ways of acquiring citizenship in Poland. You can get Polish citizenship:

  • * by naturalization,
  • * by adoption (only applies to kids under 16),
  • * by descent.

As the Polish citizenship through ancestry process may seem complicated, we have decided to focus on this issue. The question is – Who is eligible for citizenship by descent?

Polish citizenship through ancestry – what should you know about it?

‘Can I get Polish citizenship by descent?’ ‘What should I do to take part in the confirmation process?’ These questions are important when it comes to confirming your eligibility. If you have at least one Polish ancestor, the chance you are a Polish citizen increases. Before you decide to lodge a motion in the Polish Consulate General, you should fulfill a few basic steps. The confirmation process requires you to have documentation confirming your origin, such as marriage certificates or birth certificates. Vital records are the key to success! So, if you have any documents proving your origin, good for you. If not, you should contact Polish Citizenship Experts – The Expert has the competence to assess your case individually and conduct research in archives in Poland (and other countries if needed) on your behalf. The documents he finds will serve as proof of your origin. Although the confirmation process is very broad, you should not worry about it.

We would also like to mention how important it is to check if your ancestors did not lose their citizenship on the way. The fact they were born in Poland is not enough to be granted Polish citizenship by descent but if they resided in Poland or its former territories after the 20th of January 1920, there is a huge chance that you also qualify for the confirmation process. That’s what the Expert is for! Once you have your origin confirmed, there is nothing left to do but lodge a motion and become a citizen of Poland.

How to apply for Polish citizenship?

Once your eligibility for Polish citizenship confirmation is proved, you need to lodge your Polish citizenship application with the Polish Government with a set of documents to support your claim. If the attached documents indicate that you are a Polish citizen, the issuance of the consent on the Polish citizenship application is just a formality. What’s next? After receiving a positive decision you can enjoy the benefits of being a citizen of Poland. You can then apply for a Polish passport and register your spouse as a family member of a Polish citizen. In the case of your kids, they can also go through the process of Polish citizenship confirmation and obtain their individual Polish passports.

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