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Augusta Gold IRA Reviews

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Have you been thinking about how to protect your retirement funds against inflation? Unfortunately, recent events threaten to ravage retirement savings, starting with the COVID-19 pandemic and ending with the crisis in Ukraine.

These types of crises caused by geopolitical turmoil or black swan events have a soaring effect on inflation. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the inflation rate worldwide is rising steadily. The only protection against the adverse effect of inflation on retirement savings is to turn to precious metals.

Numerous companies provide opportunities for individuals to become such investors. Augusta is one of them.

Learn useful information about it in detail.

Bullion/Coin IRA accounts

The choice of many American investors is purchasing bullion silver and bullion gold within IRA accounts to enjoy the provided tax advantages. Fortunately, Augusta excels in this category. Investors who have spent many years saving money to fund their retirement can enjoy many investment benefits by opting for IRA investments. Go here to see how IRA withdrawals are taxed.

Moreover, a bullion IRA account enables investors to use the value of physical silver and physical gold while tapping into the advantages of IRAs too. These accounts allow investors to manage and control their bullion accounts, select the storage facilities on their own, enjoy the security of these investments, etc. The key aspect to making this sort of an account work is only by finding a trustworthy provider that has proven relationships with storage facilities and custodians, exactly like Augusta.

Precious metal cash accounts

The essential benefit of opening a precious metal cash account at Augusta is your possibility of having it delivered to your home. In this case, there are no rules dictating where individuals should store their metals. Basically, the bullion owner can take personal possession of his/her assets and store them wherever they think it’s appropriate.

There are many perks of owning a cash account issued by Augusta. You will be able to manage and control your physical, non-paper assets, store your bars and coins wherever convenient, control your own security and insurance, avoid mainstream banking, etc. When shopping for a bullion cash account, you should select pick a provider that offers a high service level. You must receive reliable answers to all questions.

Furthermore, the provider you choose should cover the majority of costs and fees, including delivery and insurance in the course of transit. There are supposed to be no concerns regarding the safety of your metals, as the bullion packages are discreet about the contents inside the boxes.

Bullion bar sizes and security

In view of bar sizes, Augusta offers the most popular sizes of bullion bars to address the needs of different investors. By contacting the help desk, bullion experts will inform you about all the available options by going through all the sizes they have available. While IRAs impose certain size and purity limitations, this isn’t the case when buying bullion outside an IRA. Visit this page,, to gain information about the size of a standard gold bar.

Regarding bullion security, investors should know that there’s always a risk of theft. Therefore, you should select bars that can be identified easily when theft occurs. There are unique features that assist investors and law enforcement officials in identifying bullion bars, such as registered serial numbers, certificates of authenticity, diffraction treatment, etc.

Coin forms

Augusta is well known for the knowledge it has on coins suitable for both cash and IRA accounts. It even collaborates with the official Canadian mint to produce unique coins of the utmost purity. Coins are made from precious metals that undergo refinement, struck in various weights and levels of fineness. The USA requires coins to be minted following 1800 and used in legal tenders. Otherwise, they will be classified as rounds.

These coins are usually measured in troy ounces. They sell for a premium amount higher than the market value due to the expenses related to storing, manufacturing, and distribution. The premium amount is dictated by the type of precious metal used and the weight of the coin itself. The most frequent metals used in the minting process are either silver or gold. Usual weights include one ounce, half an ounce, a quarter of an ounce, and one-tenth of an ounce.

How to select a trustworthy IRA provider?

Irrespective of what kind of account you choose to have, you need a backup from a trustworthy provider company. The ultimate responsibility for your account-related decisions is only yours. Nevertheless, you should have someone to guide you through safety and security regulations, like Augusta. The majority of Augusta Precious Metals Reviews and Customer Testimonials are nothing but positive. It’s the most appropriate provider, which is more than willing to help customers make the right investments.

The right provider should ensure transparency by knowing the status of your transactions all the time. In this way, the company will know the exact payments you are making. It should also ensure compliance by following the required regulations in your name. Needless to say, trustworthy providers should follow the accepted standards of honesty and ethics.

When talking about Augusta, compliance is their main area of focus. Their compliance team is entirely dedicated to following compliance regulations. They even have a compliance website for clients to get educated on the methods this company uses to remain compliant.

Additionally, the company you hire should provide for liquidity. Even though, as per law, these companies cannot guarantee buybacks of clients’ precious metals, you should at least find a company that has a long track record of buying consumer products back. Augusta is proud to inform customers that it has never refused a buyback request before.

The only alternative for clients to gain confidence in their IRA providers is by confirming their positive reputation. It can be assessed by looking at consumer ratings, customer reviews, and complaints numbers.

Final word

Augusta is your best partner to bullion investments.

Silver or gold? The decision is nobody’s but yours!

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