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Studying Abroad? Here’s 10 Essential Tips to Help You Pack

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted to study abroad for some time. You’re probably excited about your new life, but not to take away all the fun; you still need to pack for the period you’d be staying abroad. Let’s get into it already

1) Sort out your documents

Make sure to get all the necessary travel documents. For instance, you’ll need a passport to get into another country. Some countries even require a visa. You need to get all these ready and take them with you on the plane. It’s wiser to print out several copies of each document and store them in a leather passport holder. Carry along with your international student card and any vaccination certificates as a student.

2) Learn a few things about the country

After all, you’re moving to a new location. You might need to search for a few facts about the country’s culture and local traditions. You could also learn their currency and how to exchange money. If you’d be packing clothes from your current location, you should know the weather conditions and what clothing would be most appropriate for different weather.

3) It’s easy to forget footwear

You probably didn’t think these needed special considerations. If the streets are made of stone or any other tough materials, you need shoes that’d make walking comfortable. Invest in quality shoes, too, so you’d not have to spend more on subsequent repairs.

4) Add skin/haircare products and toiletries to your luggage

Now you still want to flaunt that skin and new makeup routine you just learned. Make a list of your regular daytime and nighttime skincare routine. Others include

  • * Floss, toothbrushes, and toothpaste

  • * Sunscreen

  • * Eyewear

  • * Deodorant, perfume, and cosmetics

  • * Sanitizer

5) Carry your study materials

The purpose of this travel is your studies, so pack any relevant study materials, your laptop, and mobile devices, your backpack or tote, a journal, and a camera (if you love photography)

You can also go with a paper map. It could come in handy if you’re lost and you can’t find your phone.

6) There are things better left at home

Yes, I know you’re patriotic, but you should leave that flag or anything else that makes it easy to spot that you’re a foreigner. Right now, your motive is to blend like a chameleon to fit in. Standing out isn’t bad, but don’t make it too easy for thieves. Also, you don’t have to shop for new clothes. Just take those simple clothes that’d be easy to layer.

7) Don’t overpack

You could overpack if you don’t want to save the money you’d spend on additional bags. Pack all you need in two big boxes at most. In your carry-on luggage, you can include all the fragile stuff you have and the essentials you’ll need on the plane. This consists of another outfit or shirt for really long flights.

8) Find out what shape the electrical outlet is

Find out so you can get the correct plugs and adapters for your devices

9) Get all medical records

This might come in handy if you fall ill throughout your stay.

10) Bring along your favorite snack

You’d be leaving this country that had all your favorite food. You may want to pack these if you don’t want to get homesick. Don’t pack a lot of it’ll occupy a lot of space, though.


Ensure you follow these tips so you’d spend way less and prioritize better. Also, enjoy the new change of environment and all the fun friends you will make. Once you’ve made the decision to move abroad, make the whole experience that much easier by using a removals company that specialises in overseas moves.


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