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How To Become Tattoo Artists

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People come to the profession for various reasons: from the desire to self-actualize, to realize their artistic ideas. There are those who just want to make money. And this is quite a normal aspiration, but we always say that a real tattoo artist should never put the desire to earn money in the forefront.

In this article, we will not only tell you how to become a tattoo artist, but also pay attention to the important qualities that you should have.

It all starts with a drawing

A good master must be able to draw. More precisely, drawing should be your passion. If you have caught yourself from childhood that you are constantly drawing something, experimenting with colors, styles, it may be worth trying yourself in a tattoo.

Many people ask about the need for specialized education. An art school or college will definitely not be superfluous, but their presence is optional. What is important is the desire and talent, the willingness to devote a lot of time to study, constantly work with people and raise your professional level.

Also, a lot depends on the technique. A good tattoo artist should have an excellent base in terms of graphics, be able to show volume, play with shadows to make the drawing bulge. It is also important to understand the colors and their combinations.

You often hear the question of how to become a tattoo artist without drawing skills. No way. The master is always responsible for the result. If you do not know how to draw, then, unfortunately, there is no future for you in this profession.

Is it possible to learn to be a tattoo artist

Professional training courses are conducted by many, sometimes even theorists, who have never held a typewriter in their hands.

Courses can really give you a lot, but only under the following conditions:

  • * the master himself has been working in this field for a long time and can confirm the experience of the portfolio;

  • * the practical part is supposed;

  • * they immediately tell you exactly what will be studied in the courses, how much time is allotted to different issues.

If you're told that the focus is on theory, don't waste time. There is a risk that you will be studying tattoo history and basic styles for most of the course. All this is easy and free of charge googling for several requests.

It will not hurt young masters to improve their skills in the following areas:

Features of different types of tattoo techniques. It's good if a person can talk about different cars, teach how to hold the device and hand correctly, and show you how to use it better.

Color combinations. This is especially important in the context of use with human skin. Combinations of pigments can give different, sometimes extremely unexpected shades.

Sanitary standards. A very important aspect that you must clearly memorize, or even better - print, hang on the wall and re-read. You need to know the methods of disinfection not only of the machine itself, but also of the surrounding objects - tables, lamps, etc. Personal safety is also of great importance. The good courses will tell you everything about sterilization - right down to solutions, temperature treatment devices and official regulations.

It is also good to choose courses in which they will share with you the real experience of the tattoo artist, tricks and subtleties. It is interesting to learn about the rules for arranging a workplace - this is how you can spy on original life hacks that will be useful in your work in the future.

We recommend that you do not stop learning, even if you have already started work. You can always find out something interesting about trends, new styles, pigments, technique. It is important to be in the flow and constantly improve, to follow the best.

The choice of equipment is an important task for every tattoo artist.

No matter how well a person knows how to draw, there is nowhere without practice in our business. It is also important to choose all the necessary equipment - it will make your work more convenient and faster.

The main tool of a tattoo artist is a typewriter. You can choose a suitable option from two categories:

Induction. The needle vibrates due to electromagnetic induction. The device is suitable for contours - the lines are clear and straight. An example of a wireless tattoo machine.

Rotary. An eccentric and an electric motor are responsible for the work. Such a device works at lower frequencies, but shows itself well when painting areas. It is an indispensable tool for color tattoos with a lot of transitions.

Better to buy two cars at once, because each copes well with different tasks.

You will also need to purchase pigment, needles, consumables. Try not to save even at the beginning. A high-quality pigment is more durable and bright. Many clients of tattoo artists turn to them several times, therefore it is much more profitable to immediately make the client permanent. Therefore, without good consumables, nowhere.

How to take the first steps in the profession

How to become a tattoo artist if you have never stuffed anything even on your own skin? The answer is practice. It is clear that no one will let you practice on the client right away - you need to get your hands on and hone your skills. Artificial leather helps a lot in this. It can be easily ordered online.

The difference between working with a living person and artificial skin is quite serious, therefore it is worth switching to full-fledged clients as soon as possible. Some masters first train on themselves or friends, but a good solution would be to sign up for practice in a studio. Many salons are developing this initiative, so you can easily sign up for an "apprentice". This will likely come at a cost, but it's important to understand that it is a must for the experience. And it costs much more.

In the future, when you learn to work with a real typewriter, add your first works to your portfolio, you can think about an independent path or employment in a studio.

We have described the most common points. It often happens that the path in the profession develops in a different way. Remember that even if you are a beginner, you need to take the task as responsibly as possible. This applies to both the design itself and safety, the choice of pigment and technology.

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