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How to Choose Modern Front Doors for Your Home

  • Written by Anna Melnikova

If you decide to renovate your home, modern exterior doors can add that final touch that will make your home even more attractive.

We collected for you some of the main 2021 trends in front doors that will help you choose the right one before the purchase.

Modern front doors 2021

Modern Front Door Trends for 2021

  • Material

The most popular materials are steel, fiberglass and vinyl.

Steel is a relatively inexpensive material that makes it possible to implement almost any fantasy of designers. It’s good for those who like strict minimalist lines.

Vinyl is another popular material that is often used in production. It is valued for its utility and durability, as well as a wide range of original designs.

Fiberglass products are suitable for those who like old-fashioned decorations: previously most of the entrance doors used to be wooden, and fiberglass successfully imitates this material.

  • Minimalism

Strict straight lines, simple elegance and lack of rich decor - a trend that will remain with us for a long time. You can easily fit it into almost any interior.

  • Glass doors

You can use glass as a decor. We recommend to look at the textured glass panels on the front door, which not only ensure privacy, but also create a unique appearance.

  • Color trends

Now modern exterior doors,  painted in soft pastel shades, are booming. 

But dark shades that allow to make bold accents, changing the style of the entire dwelling, are also very popular.

Black doors are also trending!

  • Wide front door

Another trend that has recently been in increasing demand among customers is the widened width of the doorway. It helps to highlight the size of the house and can also serve as a central element on its facade.

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