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With ongoing technological advancement around the world, we might never see brick and mortar stores again. Running an e-commerce business is a very overwhelming yet rewarding opportunity. There are fewer risks and more opportunities in e-commerce rather than traditional retailers. Digital advancement is giving rise to modern practices for running the brick and mortar businesses. Not only the businesses but the consumer market also prefer products and services online rather than physically visiting the stores. Gone are the days when customers have to travel to the outlets to purchase goods and services. The technological advancement has enabled the businesses to expand their services globally, without worrying about franchising and inventory management.

Speaking of inventory, it is the most crucial phase while running an e-commerce business. The catalog is all quantity and stock of goods available and ready to be sold to the customers. In the case of e-commerce, inventory management is extremely vital to ensure the supplies for sale. Many businesses face severe challenges for managing the inventory and end up falling in the line of failure. Inventory management requires a lot of deliberations and decisions to make everything right. Whether you have your stock of products or you run the dropshipping store, the inventory management techniques are the same for all. With that said, let’s discuss top inventory management you required in an e-commerce business.


The organization is the key to efficient inventory management. Inventory management requires organizing skills and strategies to store maximum products. Business owners will be required to track the products and their sales throughout the business. Only this way can they identify which product is in high demand and needs to be resupplied. However, more significant business requires more considerations to organize the products and goods. Professionals recommend creating lists and categorize the products to monitor the demands and sales. The grouping can ease you to track the sales or also start the market promotions like discounts etc.

No matter what is the size of your business, the organization of the products in the warehouse is necessary. The organization of the product lineups helps in finding the items during the order. For instance, the businesses selling office supplies can categories the items for furniture, desks, seating, storage, and many more. If the customer places the order for the credenza unit, then one can easily track the product category with the room. The small practices can later put more substantial impacts on making your business successful and last longer.


Since you are running a business online, you will also need inventory management software to track the products and their sales. If we go a little step backward, the brick and mortar businesses used the spreadsheets or paper to manage the inventory. Now, technological advancement replaced the traditional practices of management with more effective and responsive tools. Some smaller businesses still use different software like Excel to manage the product counts in the warehouse. But the company with increased online sales, cannot rely on the smaller tools and demands full management over the inventory.

We have stepped into the big data, and traditional means can no longer assist in keeping the insights of the product. As the sales and product records grow, the business owners can quickly realize the dire need of the inventory management software. The inventory management software shows dynamic and real-time details of the inventory, which makes it easily a viable option. Not just that, but the software also promotes automation, meaning you will no longer have to worry about tracking the data.


While running an online business, you will be required to process thousands of sales every day. It means that tracking the product, then packaging, invoicing, and then shipment. This condition refers to a lot of work, depending on the sales of your business. In this case, you can automate the process with barcode scanning. The traditional practices involve human error, which can increase the risks for your business. However, automating the inventory with barcode scanning is efficient, fast-paced, and minimizes human error.

The barcode scanning enables accuracy and reduces the downstream costs for tracking the inventory. Think of the customer who receives the wrong shipment of the product just because of the human error. This mistake can put your customers under frustration and leads to losing trust with your business. You can still solve the problem with the customer services and paying back the customer for the wrongly received shipment. But still, the automated product scanning is necessary for managing more massive sales and tracking the available stock.


Safety stock inventory is also a prestigious step to ensure the secure running of the e-commerce business. The safety stock is the extra inventory that is kept in case if the business faces the shortage. The businesses always go through these challenges of going low on share. Business owners cannot predict the demand for the stock of goods, which can be sold in a specific amount of time. Moreover, acquiring extra stock is also not a good option because it will be adding up the cost of storing products.

Sometimes even the best-laid plans can go wrong. No matter how efficient your inventory management is, the risks for going out of stock always lies in e-commerce. Business owners must still prevent these disorganizations and keep the safety stock strategy for securing the business.


The use of automated tools benefits business owners in a lot of ways. Notably, the inventory data provided by the inventory management tools help them to make decisions for purchasing the stocks. You can also decide whether you need to reorder the inventories or not. B2C businesses have to make sure to satisfy the customers with their demands for products. However, the inventory data gives leverage for reordering the goods and efficiently tracks the sales with customers’ requirements.


Inventory management is a time and effort consuming process in an e-commerce platform, but it offers many benefits in return. Once you decided on how you want to pursue inventory management, you will be able to win the trust of your customers. The details mentioned above will help in more smart handling of this entire task, since inventories hold an integral position for the development of such businesses.

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