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How the lack of adaptability is a red flag for SME’s - Tips on how to avoid this

  • Written by Hayley Osborne

Instead of pushing against the grain, being in flow in your small business is your leverage and vantage point. Not to mention it feels so lovely when you get to that place.

Technology is moving at the speed of light which includes digital media, traditional media, and Artificial Intelligence. All the things. Everything has the need for you to be nimble inside your small business, otherwise, you may in fact, be left behind and feel even more overwhelmed that you did before.

5 tips to stay nimble and ahead in your small business:

  1. Invest in technology

As of May 2024 more than 80% of small businesses are leaning into new technology and apps that can help them across multiple efficiencies. AND, it’s those 80% that use six or more technology platforms inside their businesses that see an increase in profit according to recent data.

But I don’t want you to rush out and invest in the latest and greatest. Check your current repertoire and upgrade this first. Much more efficient and cost effective to begin with especially when it comes to things like accounting software, productivity tools and apps, scheduling apps, artificial intelligence tools and cloud accounts.

The more you lean in to investing in new technology the more these platforms and programs can save you time, increasing your efficiencies and allowing you space to focus on other important elements inside your business.

  1. Build an online presence

Consider this: 99% of your customers are going to google you before they pick up the phone to call you or even simply purchase your product or service online.

Setting up your marketing foundations, making sure your digital assets, positioning and digital footprint is in complete alignment is the first part. Followed by planning and organising optimised content across your social platforms, is the way to build an online presence you are never going to fall out of love with, or connection to your audience with.

Ensuring these things are set up correctly will ensure you only fall forward to be a leader in your zone of genius, never falling backwards, as you have set your small business up for success from a foundational level.

  1. Become part of an online community

Memberships are a great way to learn from experts in and around the latest trends, especially when it comes to the fast-moving pace of marketing. What’s also awesome about memberships is they embed you inside a community of like-minded business owners, who have skin in the game, with the same goals and objectives as you.

Those small business owners’ part of membership communities are usually the first to know of the latest trends and technological advancements as the group’s number one objective is to upskill and evolve. Knowledge is power.

  1. Know when to outsource

Tricky and will test you as a business owner, but necessary because guess what? You don’t have to be amazing at everything. There are people out there that are better at you in doing a certain thing and if they can help you uplevel and upskill your business along the way, it’s a win.

However, it’s your ability to let go and understand when you get to a certain level: DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT. You can fix it up later and make it perfect later. Most important thing is to do the thing, execute and activate and worry about the rest later.

Hayley Osborne, Digital Marketing Expert,


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