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Australia’s first social media & networking platform for business owners

Boa, a new social media platform designed specifically for business owners and entrepreneurs has been launched, with the aim of democratising the ability to leverage a powerful network and enable people to tap into the power of the collective.

Created by the team behind Australia's leading members-only community for business owners, Club of United Business (CUB), Boa brings together the best aspects of Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn to form a powerful media and networking platform for business owners.

Boa CEO, Daniel Hakim, said, "We wanted to create a community where business owners can engage with each other, share knowledge, and network in a meaningful way. Businesses need support more than ever with increasingly difficult economic and social times. The existing major platforms are too broad and noisy to be truly effective resources for business owners, so they are used primarily as marketing and recruitment tools. Business owners need a place to discuss the things that matter to them with those who understand them.”

Lead investor, Mark Bouris said, "For a long time now, I’ve been wondering how to democratise what super successful people have always had access to.  How can we give every Australian, who is in business, access to great minds, great ideas and solutions. Boa’s primary undertaking is to give all Australian business owners access to what only a few have ever had in the past. Our hope is that it will be nation building and will make our business community stand tall among the rest of the world”.

“I think there’s so many people who have a great idea, great skills, and a great product but they don’t have the confidence.  Australian business owners have always been standoff-ish and never really ask for much.  Now’s their chance to take control, stand tall and be confident and tell the world what they have”, continued Bouris.

Boa has been funded and built by CUB members, embodying the club's ethos to tap into the collective of the business community. Boa investors include Australian business icon YellowBrickRoad Executive Chairman, Mark Bouris, with founding users such as TRG CEO, Gavin Rubinstein, Finder Co-founder & COO, Jeremy Cabral and Equalution Co-Founder, Amal Wakim.

Boa's DNA is built around improving the lives of business owners because they're the ones who are often forgotten. 

“When I was growing up, I remember seeing my parents struggle with the various challenges of building a business. Being immigrants, they didn’t have a network of like-minded people to turn to for advice. That’s why I’ve created Boa, to give business owners a community to turn to when they need a problem solved.   

"This is a specific tool for the business owner. They've done it so tough in recent years, from COVID, high inflation, cost of living pressures, and a depressed economy. Boa allows them to talk to other business owners, share ideas and network in a meaningful way, not provided by other platforms," added Hakim.

Boa allows members to follow specific community threads, such as startups or capital raising, ensuring they are exposed to conversations, members, and communities tailored to their needs. Members will be able to connect with leaders in business to seek out advice, recommendations and collaborate with fellow members, unlocking the true power of our thriving business community.

The Boa app is designed completely for the purpose of connecting business owners. Topic based sub-communities, a news section, advanced search functionality and meeting request features are all built into the easy to use and powerful platform.

Access to Boa is free, however you must be an ABN holder or company director to gain access to the platform. There is also a premium version for $45 per month which includes additional features such as account verification, boosted posts, the ability to create communities and events and improved messaging features.

“Our goal was to create a platform that is accessible and valuable to all business owners, whether you are a startup, or a unicorn company, you will find what you need on Boa. It is free or very low cost and it takes almost none of your valuable time”, Hakim said.

Join Boa today and tap into the power of the collective to grow your business like never before.  For more information head to


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