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Braaap Leads Mass Adoption of Electric Motorcycles

Braaap, the Australian Motorcycle Company are leading the mass adoption of electric  motorcycles, through the production of EV Motorcycles delivering a lower priced petrol  alternative. 

With a mission to create a positive impact by developing products and experiences that make people  feel alive, Braaap, is poised for growth through a capital raise to expand in the US and launch its  exciting new range of e-motorbikes. 

Braaap CEO, Brad Smith says that every other EV is more expensive than its petrol powered rival,  Braaap are changing that. 

“It is a really exciting time for Braaap with the production of EV Motorcycles and being able to  deliver a lower priced petrol alternative to the market, especially at a time where the cost of living  pressures, especially petrol is at an all-time high,” says Brad Smith. 

"Motorcycling is a passion, We love riding, but it’s also the most cost effective way to commute.  Nothing better than riding past the petrol station.” 

“Braaap is bringing to the market a cost effective and electric vehicle, environmentally friendly  motorcycle option. This is the game changer. Our offer of a lifetime warranty is also a very attractive  proposition.” 

In addition to seeking capital through a raise on new equity crowdfunding platform Swarmer for the  e-motorcycle expansion, funds will also support the creation of a motorcycle ownership subscription  model. 

"Braaap is here to revolutionise the ownership of motorcycling, no more loans or debt thanks to the  new subscription model. We have a unique vision for the future of motorcycling, It’s Electric and it  doesn’t require you to own a bike, but have access through a unique membership model,” said Brad  Smith. 

Roseanne Healy, Founder, Swarmer believes equity crowdfunding allows investors to support  authentic businesses and brands they care about. 

“Swarmer is all about fuelling the entrepreneurial spirit and linking innovative companies with  investors through the power of equity crowdfunding,” said Roseanne Healy. 

“We have a hybrid model of support, that utilises the best technology available combined with real life, personal engagement with our industry experts, to deliver the Swarmer end to end experience.” 

Braaap believes the future is electric and want to be leading the charge, currently raising capital,  with 11 days left on their raise campaign on Swarmer. View the progress of the campaign here 

*Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer documents before investing. 

About Swarmer 

Swarmer is an Australian equity crowdfunding platform connecting businesses and investors,  designed to support both start-ups, growth companies and scale ups. With access to experienced  fintech, VC and private equity investment minds in the hive, Swarmer has built a colony of experts  to support the capital raising process. 

At the core of the swarm is the value of human relationships to ensure Swarmer’s raise companies  are nurtured through the process. Swarmer leads with experience, heart and ability to attract a  swarm of brands and investments that will have investors in a buzz. 

Follow the swarm and be part of the colony 

Why Swarmer? 

Start-ups wanting to raise funds, now have the ability to access capital by accessing their own crowd.  The investment in your business may come from your existing customers, who are already brand  advocates, your fans and your future customers. 

This is turning the notion of activist shareholders on its head from tradition. Equity crowdfunding  platforms are creating a customer share blueprint, to recruit a squad of loyal agents for brands. 

The popularity of raise platforms, means platforms are becoming a growth area. Swarmer is  connecting businesses with investors. 

Equity crowdfunding provides a funding pathway, an opportunity for a new generation of investors  and a new approach. This is about investing early and supporting businesses, by being not only part  of their business, but also their future. 

Achievements: Braaap Bragging Rights 

To date, Braaap have had some great achievements which have set solid foundations for the next  phase of the business: 


  • 10,000+ Motorcycles on the road
  • 60,000+ Social Media Followers
  • Over 300% Profitable Revenue growth since FY20


  • Telstra Business Award Winner (Victoria)
  • Sensis Social Responsibility Award Winner
  • 4x Australian Specialised Retailer of the Year
  • AMA US Championship


  • Regulatory approvals are in place to expand into the US and UK
The only motorcycle brand to offer a lifetime warranty on its products


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