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Indonesian Minister of Communication & IT Inaugurated the Purwadhika Digital Technology School at The Nongsa Digital Park, Batam

Batam, 15 October 2022 – Sinar Mas Land through the Nongsa Digital Park is strengthening its position as a digital economy area that will serve as the bridge for various digital and technology companies in Indonesia and Singapore. This is manifested by the opening of the third branch of Purwadhika Digital Technology School in Nonga Digital Park, Batam as a learning center that will trigger the rise of a digital talent pool in the area. The inauguration of the Purwadhika Digital Technology School campus was held at Nongsa Digital Park, Batam on Friday (14/10) by Johnny G. Plate (Minister of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia), accompanied by Purwa Hartono (CEO & Founder of Purwadhika Digital Technology School), and witnessed by Irawan Harahap (Chief Digital Tech Ecosystem & Development Sinar Mas Land), Mike Wiluan (President Director of Citramas Group), Stephanie Foo (Representative of Singapore Economic Development), and Enoh Suharto Pranoto (Deputy II of the Batam Business Agency).  

Minister of Communication and Information Technology – Johnny G. Plate said, “Going into the 4.0 industry, the Indonesian government through Ministry of Communication and IT is focusing on four important things to achieve including primary legislation on Personal Data Protection (PDP), digital farming and refarming, ICT infrastructure that is evenly distributed throughout the country, and adequate digital talents. Purwadhika Digital Technology School in Batam proves a fine commitment to encourage digital transformation in Indonesia. I am proud to inaugurate Purwadhika Digital Technology School in Nongsa Digital Park. This inauguration is a momentum for collaboration in national, regional, and international sectors in realizing the Connected Indonesia, More Digital To Go Forward.”  

Group CEO Sinar Mas Land – Michael Widjaja said, “We are really appreciating this step taken by Purwadhika Digital Technology School to open its newest campus in Nongsa Digital Park. This area was built in Batam to be on par with its sister development at Digital Hub BSD City. The two projects are aimed to become the largest digital economic centers in Indonesia. We hope that the existence of this campus can develop digital talents in accordance with President Joko Widodo's direction to accelerate national digital transformation and meet the needs of digital talent for Singaporean businesses that dominate the Southeast Asia’s digital economy."  

President Director of Citramas Group – Mike Wiluan said, “Since 2019, we have succeeded in placing hundreds of young talents abroad and making it a new business model, where from Batam we can support business activities of many nations. Nongsa Digital Park targets to bring 10,000 digital talents in the next 5 years. As a Special Economic Zone, Nongsa Digital Park has been equipped with digital animation film facilities and now we welcome the presence of Purwadhika as a development center for human resources through vocational education, in collaboration with various educational institutions and technology companies on an international scale.”  

CEO & Founder of Purwadhika Digital Technology School – Purwa Hartono said, “Purwadhika Digital Technology School was founded 35 years ago with the vision to make Indonesia one of the leading information technology industrial countries in the world and advancing our Information Technology (IT) industry to the international standard.  Through the inauguration of our newest campus at NDP Batam, we also introduced a job connector program  where the  students can get personal career support.  This program provides job connections to achieve digital careers in more than 1,000 trusted companies in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more.” 

Purwadhika Digital Technology School is a leading educational institution in Indonesia that was founded in 1987 and focuses on developing talent in digital technology such as startupscoding, and the Internet of Things (IoT) with a total of 2,500 graduates each year. Currently, Purwadhika Digital Technology School has succeeded in channeling quality digital talents to companies and digital startups in home and abroad 

Its most recent campus is located in Nongsa Digital Park, a visionary project built by the collaboration of Citramas Group and Sinar Mas Land through a joint venture company, PT Citra Sinar Mas Global. Nongsa Digital Park sits in a special economic area that focuses on the digital-based creative economy in Batam. Nongsa Digital Park has hosted 1.000 digital workers from 100 multinational companies such as Glints, R/GA, and WebImp. This area is also equipped with facilities and infrastructure that support the talent development according to expertise relevant to the current needs of the creative and digital technology industries. It will help Indonesia and Singapore to grow and complement each other in the digital economy sector.  

Nongsa Digital Park is adjacent to the Nuvasa Bay, member of Sinar Mas Land. This development is built on a land area of ​​228 hectares consisting of landed houses, apartments, commercial center, and Palm Springs Golf and Beach Resort. Both Nongsa Digital Park and Nuvasa Bay are strategically located, only 40 minutes from Singapore via ferry and 15 minutes drive from Batam's Hang Nadim International Airport. (*) 

About Sinar Mas Land 

Sinar Mas Land is a property developer in Indonesia with nearly 50 years of experience. Sinar Mas Land is listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange under the name of PT Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk, (BSDE). In early 2011, BSDE has completed the acquisition process of affiliated companies namely PT Duta Pertiwi Tbk, PT Sinar Mas Teladan and PT Sinar Mas Wisesa. This acquisition is expected to improve BSDE's performance, especially the income portfolio and diversification of BSDE's business.  

Sinar Mas Land has developed more than 50 projects in Indonesia. Sinar Mas Land's success in developing property & real estate in Indonesia is also recognized by credible and independent institutions in the world by receiving various prestigious international awards such as the MIPIM Award in France (2018), ASEAN Energy Awards (2019), Asia Pacific Property Award (2021), Cambridge IFA's Global Good Governance Award (2021), and the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Awards (2022).   

With the support of a solid management team, Sinar Mas Land is also known as an independent city developer (through BSD City development), as well as being a pioneer in the development of the concept of cluster housing/clustered residential (Kota Wisata, Legenda Wisata, Grand Wisata, and others). In addition, Sinar Mas Land is also a pioneer in the development of innovative Strata Mall/Trade Center (ITC) projects in Indonesia.   

Sinar Mas Land as a property developer strives to realize concern for environmental conservation issues through the implementation of a green in each of its projects. The company's awareness to be responsible for preserving the environment is manifested through various programs, such as the construction of a green area of ​​​​Green Office Park, Green Building certification, environmentally friendly mall without walls 'The Breeze', comfortable walking paths and various events to build public awareness. on the importance of preserving the environment, one of which is through the holding of the Green Festival event which is held every year. So far, Sinar Mas Land has planted more than three million trees in commercial areas, pedestrians, road medians, environmental parks, and developed city parks and urban forests. Initiatives and commitments to social issues are also continuously carried out through various CSR programs that provide opportunities for surrounding communities and small businesses to be able to enjoy the development carried out by Sinar Mas Land, such as providing business places for 3,000 MSME players in traditional markets and street food parks as well as other programs. other CSR.   

Sinar Mas Land has strong strategic partners such as Sojitz Japan, Aeon, Itochu-Japan which has been going on for 25 years, Mitsubishi Corporation, Hongkong Land as well as local partners such as Kompas Gramedia and Kalbe.   

About Citramas Group 

Citramas Group is an Indonesian business group that was founded in 1980 with a variety of diversified business activities, including the manufacture of oil and gas equipment, infrastructure development, including cargo ports and ferry terminals, logistics services, industrial estates, hotels, marinas, resorts, and film and film production companies. animation. Below is a brief description of some of the company's main activities. 

Kabil Integrated Industrial Estate (KIIE) is a company that operates the Citramas Group industrial area, which consists of PT. Kabil Indonusa Estate (KIE) and PT. Kabil Citranusa (KCN). This industrial area has an area of more than 520 hectares of beachfront land and is strategically located along the east coast of Batam. Citranusa Kabil Port is a public port for cargo which is currently the largest port in Batam that can accommodate ships of up to 50,000 DWT with complete facilities and international standards, with 5 jetties, office space, a warehouse, and a large open stacking yard. PT. Dwi Sumber Arca Waja (DSAW) was established in 1995 to manufacture large-diameter and structural tubular steel pipes. PT Citra Tubindo Engineering is a manufacturer and manufacturer of onshore drilling rig facilities, structural platforms, modules, and equipment for the oil and gas industry. 

Nongsa Resorts are located on the northeast coast of Batam Island, consisting of Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, Turi Beach Resort, Nongsa Point Marina & Resort, Nongsa Village and Tamarin Golf. Easily accessible by various transportation options, it is only 35 minutes by ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore and 10 minutes’ drive from Hang Nadim Airport in Batam. 

Infinite Studios is an integrated media entertainment and creative services company based in Singapore and Indonesia (Batam). Founded in 1997, Infinite Studios has grown its business by providing creative services such as post-production, visual effects, and animation as well as content to the global digital media industry. Located in One-North Mediapolis, Infinite Studios has the 2 largest sound stages in Singapore and 2 other sound backlots in Batam, which is only 40 minutes from Singapore by ferry. 

Nongsa D-Town ( is an integrated digital park that provides a place for digital businesses to grow and an ideal site for data center development (Uptime Institute tier IV certified). 

Located on a high plateau on the east side of Batam, away from seismic fault lines, Nongsa D-Town offers a much safer geographic location for the Data Center and Recovery Centre. Supported by the presence of good infrastructure on this island, Batam has great potential for digital business activities. 

The total development area is 166 hectares, part of which has been developed with Turi Beach Resort, Nongsa Point Marina, Nongsa Village, Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, Kinema film and animation studio, and the golf course. The purpose of the Nongsa digital park is to become one of the main digital economic gateways in Indonesia while strengthening Nongsa as one of the preferred destinations for domestic and international tourism in the Riau Archipelago. 



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