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Local trade store Tool Kit Depot, a one-stop shop for trade professionals, is partnering with charity foundation RULE this month for is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

The partnership is encouraging Aussies to grab a ‘Legendary’ bucket hat, with all proceeds going to the Australian Prostate Centre, which supports patients and their families through the treatment process.

The trendy hats are only $20 and available at all Tool Kit Depot stores or on their website.

Although 9 Australian men die of the cancer every 24 hours, many men are reluctant to get tested, which is why Tool Kit Depot and RULE are encouraging every Australian to talk to the local legend in their life and ask them to get tested.

Whether it’s a father, grandfather, uncle or mate, we all want to keep the legends in our lives around as long as possible, and early detection of prostate cancer means there’s a much higher chance of survival.

Tool Kit Depot General Manager Trent Emmins says the team is proud to be partnering with RULE and doing good for the local community.

“We’re honoured to be partnering with Rule for a cause that’s very close to our team’s heart. Many team members and customers across our stores have been affected by a prostate cancer diagnosis – whether that be in a relative, a close friend, or even themselves – so having the opportunity to take part in this campaign and raise funds for the cause means a lot to us.

“We hope Aussies get behind it too and pop in to store to buy a bucket hat for the legend in their life.”

APC Urologist Phil Dundee stresses the importance of testing for early detection.

“Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian men, but with PSA testing, it can be diagnosed at an early stage, giving men the best chance for cure.”

“For men with more advanced stage diseases, we’ve seen many breakthroughs over the last 10 years giving men ever increasing treatment options and advances in genetic research mean that we are moving closer to our goal that no man dies of prostate cancer.”

Every hat purchase counts, and goes towards Tool Kit Depot and RULE’s goal of raising $2M in 2022.


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