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Labelling Equipment; Prayers Have Been Heard and, Answered

If you are an instrumental part of a management team for a business that now requires labels for their products or goods, then traditionally you’d have had one of three choices, if the company offered them. Either you’d employ the company to make your labels for you, buy a machine and do the work yourself or, in some rare cases, hire the machinery to do the work yourself. These days, there are companies that have listened to their customers and, as a result, cater for every occasion, contracting, leasing or outright sale, the choice is yours;

More options

Most business managers and owners said that, when it comes to labelling services, their biggest ‘niggle’ was that they felt restricted in terms of their available options. The provider they are using didn’t offer a flexible service with regards to how they conduct business together, some made their choice because the company they went with offered a payment method that was more preferred to their business model.

Ironically, they also said that they probably would have gone with a different provider, should they have offered the same payment option but they didn’t. As such you’ve got a large number of companies working with companies that they might not otherwise do business with, if the competition offered better or, more suitable options. Market leaders such as Pro-Motion Industries have done just that, hence their success, they offer to process your labels for you, to lease the machines to you or, to sell the machines to you at a competitive price.

More inviting, user-friendly website

In this day and age, a website should be seamless, it should invite, almost guide people to the till. Many however, still do not, which is quite true when it comes to most industrial type companies, it’s as if they expect you to know what you want, how it works and how to use the kit you are looking at.

For that reason, the most successful companies are those that have user-friendly websites which give a breakdown of all the benefits and features of any particular machine or service offered, in layman’s terms too. In addition to the product description, they also tell you if they can provide the service for you, if you need to buy and how to do so or, if the option of rental is available, per product which is awesome. Do be sure though that, if you rent that you keep up to date with your payments, a missed payment might affect your warranty.

To be there, when needed

Aftercare/after sales support and servicing ranked very highly when it comes to people, in general making a decision over who they would employ for their labelling. Some people have been known to actually pay a little more than the norm in order to ensure that they have some kind of guarantee, clearly, their business needs to be moving constantly and as such, so do their service providers.

Downtime equals lost revenue as you well know so, the topic of backup and support should be right up the top of your list and, don’t be too hasty about getting the ‘lowest’ price either, you get what you pay for, as the saying goes.


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