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E-commerce Payment Processing

  • Written by Anna Koretskaya

E-commerce always means accepting and processing payments from customers. And the more convenient and easier this process is for the clients, the more chances that they will return for a second purchase. It also significantly affects sales in general. That’s why it is so important to choose a reliable provider for connecting and setting up different payment methods at your online stores. Such a move will lead to uninterrupted acceptance of payments from buyers in the case of small businesses and large online stores. Exactly® is an e-commerce Payment Processing service that ensures an uninterrupted flow of payments. It can give you all the advantages that you need to be successful.

Exactly® Benefits

The Exactly® service differs from analogs in that it allows you to successfully develop an online business in any field of activity and has all the necessary functions. The platform implementation greatly facilitates many e-commerce processes and allows you to concentrate on other important tasks.

Specific features of the service:

  • * The minimum amount of documentation.

  • * Intuitive and user-friendly personal account.

  • * A simplified process of introducing a service on your site regardless of the CRM used.

  • * Favorable rates for different types of businesses.

  • * A high degree of data security and safety of funds.

  • * Localization of the user interface of the service according to the location of the client. The system automatically recognizes the buyer's IP address and selects the required language according to this information.

The service also allows the e-commerce department to connect auto-completion of forms, implement an individual design, and add other functions at its discretion within the framework of the platform.

Such features open up opportunities for your online business for global promotion and entry into the world market. All payments will be automatically converted to the correct currency. There is no commission for the exchange of funds. Now, you can set up convenient payments for buyers from anywhere in the world, regardless of currency. Exactly® will cover all your needs for accepting and processing digital payments on the site and will allow you to manage your finances more efficiently.

Detailed Statistics for Your Business

Simplify the work of your e-commerce analysts. The Exactly® platform, using AI and manual tools, will give you the most complete statistics on recurring payments and repeated payment attempts. It gives you a better chance of retaining customers on the site and timely solving performance problems of your online store. You will also be able to identify the reasons for a refund based on a detailed analysis and form effective ways to prevent similar situations in the future.

The service stores transaction data in a common pool. After integrating Exactly®, you will get access to extended information about the transactions made on your site. These data often serve as a starting point for further improvements on the e-commerce side and provide an even greater chance for sales growth.

Optimize International Payments Automatically

The Exactly® service keeps up with the times and offers users convenient and required payment methods. In addition, Exactly® will immediately redirect the transaction to another institution if the original acquiring bank has declined the payment for any reason. Thus, the percentage of rejected payments and abandoned purchases decreases several times.

Payment acceptance methods can be updated automatically so as not to lose loyal customers at the last step before completing a purchase. Integrate the ability to automatically optimize payment solutions and don't waste a cent on your sales.

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