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  • Written by David Hyman

Lendi Group (Aussie and Lendi brands), Domain Group, Prospa, Zip Co, Honey Insurance, Athena and Valiant Finance today announced paid vaccination leave for all permanent employees and are calling on the wider Australian business community and leaders to do the same.

The companies have launched the Great Aussie Vaccine Drive and pledged to offer employees paid leave for both doses, should they choose to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“We can see from the events unfolding around the country that getting vaccinated is crucial in protecting Australians and building towards a new COVID normal for all of us,” said David Hyman, co-founder and CEO of Lendi Group. “Between family, work commitments and waitlists, it can be hard to schedule a vaccination time outside of traditional office hours and that’s why we are making it easier for people who are eligible and want to get vaccinated, to do so.”

“Throughout the pandemic, myself and the broader executive team at Lendi Group along with other business leaders that we are uniting with, have pledged to act early and take steps that empower our people to protect their wellbeing and that of our customers, business partners and the broader community. This is just an extension of that commitment.”  

Mr Hyman is joined by Zip co-founder and global CEO Larry Diamond, Prospa co-founder and CEO Greg Moshal, Honey Insurance founder and CEO Richard Joffe, Domain Group CEO Jason Pellegrino, Athena co-founder and CEO Nathan Walsh, Valiant CEO Alex Molloy in launching the vaccine drive, and together, they are urging others to consider ways they can support employees who wish to get vaccinated.

“It’s our role as larger employers to think flexibly and make it easier for our people to access the Government’s vaccination program if they want to,” added Hyman.

Employers looking to get on board can visit for more information, to pledge their support, download resources and help spread the word.

About the Great Aussie Vaccine Drive

The Great Aussie Vaccine Drive is a group of Australian businesses who have banded together to make it easier for employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 if they choose to do so.

Businesses taking part in the Great Aussie Vaccine Drive have committed to providing paid vaccination leave to their permanent employees so they have more flexibility when scheduling and attending their vaccination appointments during the Government’s vaccine roll out program.

The Great Aussie Vaccine Drive pledge:

  • * Provide permanent employees with paid leave accessible twice, for both doses of their COVID-19 vaccine.
  • * Make paid vaccination leave available to employees throughout the Government’s vaccine roll out. 
  • * Provide paid vaccination leave or flexible options to make it easier for casual employees to attend vaccination appointments.

Richard Joffe, Founder & CEO, Honey Insurance:
At Honey Insurance, we are proud to do our part in helping to launch the Great Aussie Vaccine drive, and hope other businesses join the initiative. Getting a vaccine is no different than giving up your seat on a bus, donating blood, or helping somebody cross the road, it’s simply part of being socially responsible and the only way for us to get the country back on track”

Jason Pellegrino, Domain CEO: “Since COVID hit we have looked for practical and creative ways to support our people. This has ranged from our nationally recognised Project Zipline, an innovative solution to retain jobs, employee talent and business momentum through the uncertainties caused by COVID-19 to our latest commitment in participating in the Great Aussie Vaccine drive. Our people have responded really positively to the Drive and it’s been fantastic to see where they are comfortable, people are sharing their vaccine experience to help raise awareness and socialise the options available to people” 

Nathan Walsh, Athena co-founder and CEO: “Enough already! These incessant COVID lockdowns only stop when Australia stops trailing the world on vax rates. We all need to do our part. That’s why at Athena we encourage all our staff to prioritise getting COVID vaccinations, and offer all the flexibility to do so. We call on all businesses in Australia to do the same.”

Greg Moshal, CEO, Prospa: “Over the past 18 months we’ve seen first-hand how COVID has impacted our customers, and our people. We’ve rolled out a myriad of ongoing programs and initiatives to ensure we’re not only meeting the needs of our people’s health and safety, but going above and beyond to support their wellbeing too. Taking part in the Great Aussie Vaccine drive sends a clear message that we’re committed to making it as easy as possible for anyone on our team who wants to get vaccinated to do so, knowing they’ll have our full support.” 

Alex Molloy, CEO, Valiant: “Valiant’s mission is to help and champion small businesses. It has become clear that increasing vaccination rates is the only way Australian SMEs are going to enjoy normal lives where they can focus on building their businesses and driving employment and prosperity in their local communities. Paid vaccination leave is a small measure we can take to do right by our team, serve our small business customers, and help Australia get back on track.”


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