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Investor News: Perth Real Estate and the Indian Ocean Dipole

The Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) is a result of sustained changes in the temperature of the ocean's surface. In its neutral phase, it does not influence Australia's weather. However, a positive phase IOD reduces the risk of rain, while the wet negative phase increases the chance of rain. It has majorly influenced Australia's agriculture, with the wet negative phase ushering in serious flooding over the years.

Like most investors, you likely hold concerns about your investments. I'm Stephen Cochrane from AJ Cochrane & Sons. We have years of experience in property. Based on what we’re seeing, I would encourage you to take a proactive approach to ‘weathering the weather.’ 

While the media tends to obsess over the Pacific Ocean, El Niño and La Niña, we have our eyes on the Indian Ocean and how it influences weather. The suitability of a paint type and its ability to withstand environmental conditions is a crucial consideration to ensure maximum longevity.

Positive IODs are drier than the El Niño cycle, and while we're currently in a slightly neutral IOD, the positive phase is coming. Meanwhile, we're dealing with El Niño, with an expectation the two will overlap. What does that mean for properties throughout Western Australia? 

IOD & Paint Considerations 

Paint-wise, there are several considerations. The first is choosing the right paint for the substrate; not every exterior paint is suitable for every substrate. From there, consider how the dry heat will impact your choice. 

Your exterior paint should enhance the aesthetic of your home, withstand any local weather, and boost your home value. Your best bet is to work with a professional painting company that will handle everything from surface preparation to ensuring the correct paint is used and the finish is of the highest standard. 

IOD and Plumbing

According to Joe Rantino of Gladesville Plumbing, both sides of the IOD coin can impact homes. "We tend to see more pipe blockages than normal during dry spells. Dry weather means trees must spread their roots further than usual to find new water sources, which can lead to serious problems. When the rain falls and there’s a risk of flooding in the Perth Flood Zone, pump systems and backyard drainage can help minimise the impact."

Australia isn't known for its gentle climate, so your paint choice isn't just for looks; it should strengthen your substrate against harsh elements and increase the lifespan of your home. Understand your climate to make the wisest choices in paint and plumbing.


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