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Which VOD Media System is The Best For 2022?

Television programs and movies are now largely consumed in a vastly different way to how they were a few years ago. Traditional TV and cable used to be the only way that advertisers could show their ads and it was shown to everyone whether it was relevant to them or not. However, with the emergence of VOD (Video on Demand), companies now have more flexibility. Let’s look at which VOD media system is the best for 2022.

What is VOD?

Video on demand is a platform that allows viewers to watch content whenever they want. It has changed the way that people consume content from sitting down at the same time for each episode, to binge-watching an entire series in one day.

For advertisers, this means you can use addressable TV to place advertisements where they will have the biggest impact.


When you think of VOD, you will automatically think of the big streamers such as YouTube, Netflix, and Disney+. All of these are huge and have millions of people watching their content every day.

However, while YouTube offers advertising that companies can use to target certain audiences, others such as Netflix and Disney+ do not as they are subscription-based.


Vimeo is a lot like YouTube but has a slightly smaller audience. Many creators use Vimeo and there are many opportunities to get your ads on the platform.

Although Vimeo is similar to YouTube, you will likely get a different audience on this platform or people who prefer one or the other. It means ads on both can do well to reach many people.


Brightcove is a media and entertainment platform that users can upload content to and share with others.

It has the ability to use subscription-based VOD (SVOD) and advertise VOD (AVOD). The platform allows lots of customisation so it is a good choice for those that want to add multiple elements to their videos.

Amazon Prime TV

Amazon is another huge player in the VOD market. They produce a lot of their own content and have a large viewing audience.

They were one of the VOD platforms that got a huge subscriber boost during the lockdown in 2020 and 2021.


Uscreen offers a range of options for viewers including paid subscriptions and ad-based. It is also one of the easiest for content creators to use which makes it a favourite with many people who want to share their content.

There is also the option to create a branded website that users can show their content on as well as leverage additional content such as blog posts.

Final Thoughts

VOD is big business and many companies are now trying to create their own brand of VOD that they can use to generate income and develop brands. For advertisers, this is the ideal opportunity to get their ads seen by an ever-increasing viewership. VOD is growing each year, and is seen as the successor to traditional TV viewing. For companies that want to reach their target audience, this is the way forward.

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