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Virgin Australia was never going to last

  • Written by Warren Staples, Senior Lecturer in Management, RMIT University

Ever since Australia’s two airline policy of regulated competition was abandoned in 1990 ushering in an era of deregulation, Australian governments have prioritised airline competition over stability and reliability of services.

Just how much airlines were operating on a wing and a prayer after the end of the policy was powerfully...


I hired a business coach to help my small business soar - here’s why you should too

What do they say? The first rule of business is to stay in business. Starting any business is tough, but staying in and growing a business can be impossible. Figures tell us that more than half (60 percent) of start-up businesses ...

What Services are out there if you are looking for someone to develop your Software?

Software development services are something that more and more businesses are seeking to manage their digital tasks. It is vital if you have a bespoke kind of business that you look wider than known software applications when...

Active Health Industry Calls For Fringe Benefits Fitness Tax Exemption in Workplaces

In a bid to tackle Australia’s national obesity, mental health and cost of living crisis and boost the economy, the active health industry is proposing the government provides a fringe benefits tax (FBT) exemption for workplac...