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Dubber Unified Call Recording and Voice AI now available on Salesforce AppExchange

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Dubber Unified Call Recording and Voice AI now available on Salesforce AppExchange
  • Innovative solution enables Salesforce users to compliantly capture calls from mobile, Unified Communications and traditional phones and automagically present recordings, call data and AI-enriched insights in Salesforce 
  • Reduces sales administration and improves the quality of customer interactions via Dubber's powerful AI analytics
  • Proactively manage customer accounts with customised notifications capable of alerting stakeholders of the use of keywords and phrases

MELBOURNE, Australia, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB) (Dubber), the global leader in Unified Call Recording & Voice Intelligence, today announced the global launch of Dubber Unified Call Recording and Voice AI on Salesforce. The solution enables enterprises to connect their Dubber-enabled telephony or UC platform of choice with their Salesforce environment and start automatically capturing and logging customer conversations.

Call recordings, data, insights and alerts can now be compliantly captured and aggregated, ready for use within Salesforce.  Salespeople can then quickly search for information contained in call records such as filtering opportunities by key words, and sales managers can easily access sentiment analysis, and other data points by customer, sales representative or across an entire sales team.  

Salesforce is the world's leading customer relationship management (CRM) provider with over 150,000 customers globally. Dubber allows Salesforce users to automate voice recording at scale from any device – with no need for hardware. Unified call recording and voice AI are a key enabler of compliance, customer satisfaction and sales performance – delivering real-time insights, sentiment analysis, alerts, transcriptions and more.

Research conducted by Salesforce has shown a massive 92% of customer interactions occur by phone and, according to CSO insights, 42% of sales representatives do not feel they have the right information before making a sales call. Dubber solves these issues by giving sales leaders and teams the visibility and resources they need to reduce inefficiencies and improve performance. 

"Dubber's integration into the Salesforce AppExchange solves a myriad of issues that sales staff face everyday," said Steve McGovern, CEO Dubber. "We're putting sales leaders back in the driver's seat by ending not knowing what was said and how satisfied customers are. And we're giving sales reps back hundreds of hours of lost productivity taken in entering notes and updating records. Dubber on Salesforce should be the one thing every sales leader does first in 2021 – to boost performance and productivity and get an edge over competitors."

McGovern added, "The essence of a successful CRM strategy is to understand and represent the true relationship with the customer. There is no better way of doing that than being able to append the actual contact conversation, reflecting, not just the one-dimensional facts but, also, capturing the nuances of expression. With Dubber Unified Call Recording and voice AI integrated with Salesforce, users can now get the full picture of their customers – eliminating the guesswork and intuition that businesses have relied on thus far to enable better customer experiences."

A study conducted by The Bridge Group (2017) identified that improving sales productivity and performance remains the number one challenge for sales leaders and businesses. The most concerning insight being field-based sales reps typically only spend 22% of their time actively selling, with over ~45% of their time dedicated to administration related tasks. The average field and sales manager works 49.6 hours per week, meaning only 11 hours per week are spent selling and up to 22.3 hours are allocated to administration duties. 

For existing Call Dub and Dub AI customers, the Dubber on Salesforce connector retails for an additional $15 per user per month. By simply provisioning the Dubber on Salesforce connector, Call Dub users effortlessly enable automated and accurate call logs and recordings. For Dub AI users, they receive enhanced AI-powered transcriptions, insights and alerts, and typically can see improved sales productivity by up to 5 hours a week or a 10% productivity gain.

Dubber is available on over 142 service provider networks globally as well as leading collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Calling.

Background, Dubber on Salesforce:

  • From today, existing Dubber customers can integrate their Salesforce environment with their call recordings by simply visiting the Salesforce AppExchange and subscribing
  • Flexible plans start as low as US$14.95 per user per month for the Call Dub solution  
  • Integrate with over 142 Unified Communications providers
  • No limits on call recording storage to maximise compliance 

Dubber is now available via the Salesforce AppExchange[1]



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