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AgeTech Startup,, Is Launching a Voice-First Digital Assistant for Home Health and Home Care

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Chicago, Illinois--(Newsfile Corp. - January 25, 2022) - A Chicago-based startup is launching a voice-first digital assistance platform that will fundamentally transform a historically neglected, but now rapidly expanding part of the US healthcare system.[1] is a major innovation for the home health and home care industry designed to help our aging loved ones, their families and the caregivers that support them.

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Americans are aging, and many Baby Boomers are already suffering from chronic diseases. The US National Library of Medicine published an assessment that the number of people in America diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease increases by 7% each year. This means that soon there will be 14 million patients in the United States and this number is estimated to double by 2030. The demand for in-home care has never been greater yet home health and home care agencies are facing some of the largest staffing shortages in history. They are being asked to do more with less. built a unique platform to disrupt a growing problem in the US healthcare system. uses AI-based technology to transform the home health and home care business in America by helping private home care companies automate manual processes and be far more efficient. is a voice-first digital assistant providing front-line support across caregivers, families, patients, and home care agencies. It leverages most of today's cutting-edge technology platforms, including Amazon Alexa,[2] Fitbit, and mobile, crossing multiple devices.

The platform is unique because it enables agency owners to coordinate care through chatbots, voice digital assistants, web dashboards, and mobile apps. All those tasks handles from healthcare grade and AWS infrastructure with a deep focus on privacy. It also integrates seamlessly with popular EMR and Point of Care systems.

Cannot view this image? Visit:[3] serves to answer the most common questions caregivers/families ask, update care logs, and apply machine learning to make scheduling and task management easier. Moreover, it's integrated with any home care agency existing EMR or Point of Care platform, eliminating the need to duplicate critical information and giving caregivers, patients, families and administrators a single place to get answers to daily questions. The system has proven ability to help home care providers reduce administrative overhead, reduce hospital readmissions and grow the agency.

Alongside enhancing home health and home care collectively, can help reduce hospital readmissions. That's why the founder, Logan Hutchinson, decided their technology needs to serve a higher purpose and be grounded in the real problems in home health and home care.

During our interview, Hutchinson explained, "My wife and I started an independent private duty home care agency over 10 years ago. Since then, we and our caregivers have served 1000's patients and families with advanced Alzheimer's and/or Dementia, helping them live their best lives while remaining at home. The last 20+ months of the pandemic have been some of the most challenging times with significant staffing shortages and were the motivation for the development of helped our business operate more efficiently and be more profitable by helping out with administrative tasks like scheduling, caregiver coordination, and family communication. We do this through practical, real-world use of AI based technologies."

So far, AskAnnie beta has been tested with patients and family members of private duty home health organizations and adult daycares in a small regional area. But now, AskAnnie is looking to expand and opening up its beta program to other home health and home care agencies.

Those interested in trying out can apply here[4].


To view the source version of this press release, please visit[6]


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