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How AI Chatbots Help Laundry Businesses

  • Written by Johan Godoy

The stock market is depressed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. As a result, billions of dollars are lost, which indicates that entrepreneurs are struggling to this day. But on the bright side, some businesses are taking the high road not only to survive but also to thrive in this seemingly never-ending fluctuation of the market.

One best example is the flourishing of laundry businesses with the help of AI chatbots. For those who have no concrete idea on what AI chatbots are– hear this out.

AI chatbots or known as conversational bots powered by Artificial Intelligence, assist customers without any human help. It has a software or script that allows them to converse in natural language. It is helpful for businesses as they can assist the customers with a specific product or service.

Laundry businesses use AI chatbot technology to save money, time, and human resources. AI chatbot technology performed well in customer engagement despite not reaching its full potential yet. They have considerable benefits in the operation of commercial laundry businesses, and that’s precisely what you are going to learn in today’s article.

Customer Satisfaction

AI chatbots provide a smooth and harmonious experience to customers. According to experts and their studies, more than 40% of their customers prefer websites or business pages with AI chatbots.

Today, AI chatbots build the same relationship as customer agents. They know how to converse like real humans. Thus, making the transaction easier.

Given the customer satisfaction it provides, businesses, especially those outsourcing services like a commercial laundry shop essential during the pandemic, are grateful for the AI chatbot technology.

Available 24/7

AI chatbots can be a viable future for people in business to engage with customers (CRM), especially for shops that offer various commercial laundry services. Why? Because laundromats are more crowded than you thought. Automating the inquiries and bookings of the customers will be a considerable upside which mediocre, declining, and mismanaged commercial laundry shops can’t offer. 

One of the fascinating advantages of a laundry shop with AI chatbots is its incredible 24/7 availability. Unlike any other laundry shop, it does not require many human resources and money (for compensation, additional rentals, electricity bills, et cetera). You do not need employees answering inquiries day in and day out. Although for some laundry shops they want to make physical store inquiry during daytime and AI chatbots during night time. But the point is, AI chatbots in a laundry make customer service a simple issue to address.

Faster Transaction, Monitors Customer Data, and Better Insights

AI chatbots are programmed to respond to an online inquiry in a blink of an eye. Saying that it is safe to you say that AI chatbots make transactions fast is an understatement. It is great to leverage because people value their time, and an unintended late reply may lose their interest to avail of laundry service in a commercial laundry shop. Good thing; AI chatbots will never do that. It is way too reliable.

Also, AI chatbots are good with data entry because they are interactive tools. Chatbots are fully capable of collecting and evaluating numerous data. The moment AI chatbots conversate with a potential customer who wants to avail of laundry services such as laundry pickup and delivery. There’s already a data analysis happening.

You can also reevaluate the structure of your commercial laundry businesses by streamlining it per chatbot performance. You can always see why potential customers leave your website without availing of any laundry services you offer. It is also smart to keep tracking the behavioral patterns of the customers in using the AI chatbot. In that, you can focus and improve on the part where they lost their interest. It is a smart way to do market research. It is kind of fascinating because AI chatbots are not intended to be utilized that way.

Keep the Trend

There’s this fashion saying that “new is always better.” Well, that applies to the laundry industry too. It is human nature for people to keep appreciating and availing themselves of new things. And even though AI chatbots technically started in the 1960s, they came into stardom in recent years.

Now it is a clear-cut future of CRM and marketing. With trendy business strategies such as AI chatbot, people will find it relaxing and fun, making the customer’s experience more pleasant.

Automation and Templates Makes Everything Easy

AI chatbots will not confuse. It will always follow an algorithm which is a step by step process which respond according to a need of a customer. I won’t bore you with the coding details, but allow me to say it in a nutshell. AI chatbots are programmed to respond appropriately from the template in the coding.

Templates and automation are boring, and employees often do in a particular manner that shows zero enthusiasm - no one likes doing the same task repeatedly. Let’s be real honest here. You never heard someone said that a repetitive task is his/her forte. Good thing AI chatbots are good in automation. Now, tasks can be executed repeatedly, often with a specific format and schedule. Lastly, due to that, it helps laundry employees to increase productivity and work effectively.

Less Hands-On

If you are a grand entrepreneur who owns numerous businesses, then AI chatbot technology perfectly fits you. You don’t need to constantly worry about the performance of your employees in terms of CRM and marketing because the conversating AI will do all the tasks easily. 

As a formerly busy entrepreneur, you can now spend quality time with your family.

Indeed, AI chatbots helped many laundry businesses in their automaton, making the laundry business more attractive and profitable. That is because of the constant evolution of the AI chatbot system itself. Heck, even 80% of marketers plan to shift into AI chatbot systems entirely.

If you want your laundry business not only to survive but to thrive in this depressed market, take advantage of the rise of AI chatbot. Even though the initial setup cost is high, it will all be worth the penny in the long run. 


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