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Searchr.TV launches

The Aussie start-up taking on the Goliaths 

Searchr.TV launches as Australia’s first aggregated entertainment software application, which can be used simultaneously on multiple devices without any hardware.

4 April 2024, Sydney: Australia’s first entertainment search and guide software application, Searchr.TV, has officially launched today. It is setting a new standard for user convenience in entertainment technology by helping users sort and access their content in one feature-packed application.  

It aggregates all five free-to-air and ten local and international paid streaming providers in one software application, eliminating the need for hardware to be plugged in. 

The application has integrated LeadStory, one of Australia’s leading news platforms, which includes 16 global publishers providing breaking news content and dedicated sports and kids zones in one user-friendly interface.

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The application includes movies, TV shows, news, and sports content with IMDb user ratings to help users filter through endless content. Searchr.TV has extensive search options ensuring you find the right content for you based on duration, rating, and year it was produced, to name a few. 

Searchr.TV provides a one-stop entertainment platform that:

* lets users search across 15 leading free-to-air and paid platforms for what they want to watch and conveniently deep links directly to the content across all platforms.

* helps users decide what they want to watch easily and quickly with filters like movies vs series, duration and/or interest and many more. 

* is available on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers, through all browsers. (iOS and Android mobile applications in development.)

* is currently on TVs using the Google Play application and Google Chromecast.

* will be a TV-led application, with Android variations for LG and Hisense, Samsung Tizen, and AppleTV variations currently in development. 

* can be used on multiple devices by multiple people in multiple locations simultaneously. 

* provides personalised content discovery through its powerful AI recommendation engine.

* is available to its users for as little as $2.50 per month.

We know that 80% of consumers want a software platform and almost 50% watch their content on mobile, tablets, or computers*. While we started out as a TV platform, we have evolved to include all mobile devices and laptops/computers using all browsers.

“Searchr.TV solves the problem of knowing where to watch certain TV shows and movies across the many free-to-air broadcasters and content providers. However, as the entertainment landscape evolves, so do customers' expectations. Through our partnership with LeadStory, there are 16 news publishers, a dedicated sports zone, and we are building an audio proposition to listen to podcasts, music, and your favourite radio stations,” said Tim Wheeler, managing director. 

“Our wide range of search filters sets us apart from our competitors. At the end of the day, when you are tired with only 1.5 hours to watch something with a user rating greater than 8, Searchr.TV will serve up the options and is a key point of difference, we take the hard work of searching away from the user,” he said.

Searchr.TV is committed to celebrating Australian art and culture. It actively promotes and highlights Australian-produced content and will contribute a percentage back to the Australian media landscape.


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“With a diverse library of movies, TV shows, and dedicated sports, news, and kids' zones, we’ve got something for everyone, and it’s all in one place. Beyond convenience, we’re fostering a sense of culture and community, allowing you to discover new content tailored to you and share suggestions with friends.” 

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Searchr.TV offers all new users a two week free trial. To coincide with the launch, Searchr.TV is offering 3 months free with any annual subscription, which is only $29.99. Sign up at

* Data from a 2024 survey.

Searchr.TV is at the forefront of revolutionising home entertainment with its leading-edge streaming aggregation application. Eliminating the need for external hardware, Searchr.TV offers users unparalleled convenience by allowing them to use the software on all devices. 


The application aggregates movies, TV shows, news, and sports content from both free-to-air and premium streaming providers. Its intelligent AI-powered recommendation engine ensures personalised content discovery tailored to individual preferences.


A world of entertainment at your fingertips, all in one easy-to-use place. 


For more information, please visit or 

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