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How to stop your iPhone from Overheating?

We all love our trusty iPhones, but let's face it, that annoying overheating issue can be really troublesome for our iPhone devices…

Especially when you're binge-watching your favorites show, playing the latest mobile game, or just scrolling through social media! That sudden increase in temperature can make your device feel like it's about to turn into a mini lava lamp…

But fear not! We've got some practical tips to help you keep your iPhone chill and prevent it from overheating.

Causes and Solutions of iPhone Overheating

Here is your guide on conquering the heat battle with your hype-worthy iPhone device. In this era of social media and connections, an overheating iPhone can be more than an inconvenience for you. And, other than that, it could be a potential threat to your device's longevity. Let's dive into the tactics you need to implement for a not overheated and more efficient iPhone device.

Strategic App Shutdown:

Your iPhone is not an octopus - it can't multitask efficiently if overloaded. If you are running resource-intensive apps, especially graphics-heavy games or video-editing applications, that can push your iPhone's processing capabilities to the limit. This is also one of the main reasons for overheating of your iPhone.

Solution 1:

Close Background Apps: Close down those unnecessary background apps that are devouring precious resources. Swipe them away, and declutter your device. You will instantly observe that the temperature of your overheated iPhone has dropped.

How to do this? Simply:

  • Double-tap the home button (or swipe up, depending on your model).
  • Swipe away unnecessary apps running in the background.

Solution 2:

Limit Usage: Avoid prolonged use of resource-intensive apps. Take breaks to allow your iPhone to cool down. If you are playing games for a long time on your iPhone device or watching series in high-resolution, a break is good for both; you and your overheated iPhone device.

Optimal Device Ventilation:

Your iPhone, despite its sleek design, requires breathing space. Always avoid enclosing your iPhone in tight spaces or wrapping it in a cocoon-like case. To prevent overheating, allow air to circulate freely around your device.

Solution 1:

Remove Case During Intensive Use: When using resource-intensive apps, you should remove the case of your iPhone device. It is a good measure to avoid overheating your iPhone device.

Solution 2:

Slim Cases: Choose slim and appropriate iPhone device cases that allow proper airflow around your device.

Perfect Phone Cases to Keep Your iPhone Cool

It is to keep our iPhones running smoothly and, more importantly, at the right temperature, preventing overheating. These are a few recommended iPhone cases listed below. These are fantastic iPhone cases designed to keep your iPhone cool:

Spigen Tough Armor Case:

  • The ventilation ports in their design ensure that heat generated during intensive tasks has a way out, and prevents your iPhone from overheating, if under pressure.
  • With dual-layer protection, the Spigen Tough Armor Case is your go-to for rugged defense against drops and impacts. 

Spigen Liquid Air Armor: 

  • The Spigen Liquid Air Armor strikes a perfect balance between slimness and top-notch protection.
  • Its textured surface not only adds a grip to your phone but also helps in dissipating heat, ensuring your iPhone stays comfortably cool.

OtterBox Defender Series:

  • Known for its tough build, the OtterBox Defender Series doesn't just protect; it allows your iPhone to breathe with proper ventilation.
  • This professionally designed iPhone case doesn't compromise airflow. Thus, it is a go-to choice for preventing iPhone overheating during your long sessions of extended use of your iPhone...

Coolwee Clear iPhone Case:

  • This transparent case not only showcases your iPhone's elegant design but also prevents overheating of your iPhone device.
  • The unique design allows heat to escape, maintaining a stable temperature even during demanding tasks.

Anker KARAPAX Shield Case:

  • Anker, known for quality accessories, brings you the KARAPAX Shield Case, a slim profile with excellent iPhone overheating protection. It's the optimal choice for those who prioritize preventing iPhone overheating without sacrificing style.

RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper Case:

Cool Factor! If you prefer a minimalist approach, the RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper Case is an excellent choice for impact protection.

  • It allows unrestricted airflow, preventing your iPhone from getting overheated!

When choosing a phone case to prevent iPhone overheating, consider your usage patterns and the specific features each case offers. Whether you prioritize durability, style, or a mix of both, the right case can make a significant difference in maintaining your iPhone's optimal temperature.

Mandatory Software Updates:

To match the perfection and demand of the latest era, Apple constantly opts for software updates in the iPhone device. Ignoring them is not an option if you seek a seamlessly functioning iPhone. If your iPhone device is not updated to the latest version, that could possibly cause temperature rise of your iPhone device.

Solution 1:

Update iOS: Regularly check for iOS updates in the Settings of your iPhone device.

Want to know about the latest updates on your device? Follow these steps:

  • Unlock your iPhone and Go to “Settings”.
  • Then select “General”.
  • There you will an option for “Software Update”
  • Ensure your device is running the latest version to benefit from bug fixes and prevent overheating.

Solution 2:

Factory Reset: If issues persist, perform a factory reset.

  • Go to the icon of “Settings”.
  • Select option named as; “General”
  • You will see an option of “Reset”.
  • Erase All Content and Settings. It could possibly help with overheating of your iPhone device.
  • Remember! Backup your data before initiating the reset.


App Refresh Control:

Some apps, due to allowed settings, could refresh in the background without any notification. This can cause overheating of iPhone devices.


  • Take control by navigating to Settings on your iPhone device.
  • Go to “General”
  • There you will see an option for “Background App Refresh”.
  • Disable this feature for non-essential apps, sparing your device from unnecessary strain.


App Behavior Investigation:

Certain apps are heavier for the system, which could trigger the overheating of the iPhone. You should monitor recently installed or updated apps that could be the main reason for your iPhone’s overheating issues. Identify the culprit and consider deleting or replacing the problematic application.

Solution 1:

Update Apps: Regularly check the App Store for updates and ensure all your apps are running the latest versions.

Solution 2:

App Replacement: If an app continues to cause issues, explore alternative apps with better optimization.

Sunlight Sabotage Prevention:

iPhones are not designed for sunbathing. If an iPhone device is exposed to direct sunlight, it can definitely elevate the temperature of your device, causing overheating.

Solution 1:

Moderate Temperature Usage: Avoid using your iPhone in extreme temperatures. Keep it in a cool, shaded place during hot weather.

Solution 2:

Avoid Direct Sunlight: Shield your device from direct sunlight exposure to prevent rapid temperature increases.

Strategic Location Services Management:

Location services can be a double-edged sword, consume battery, and cause overheating.


  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select “Privacy”
  • Opt for “Location Services” to regulate which apps have location access.
  • Optimize this feature to conserve battery life and maintain a cooler not overheated iPhone device. 

Automatic Download Interruption:

Automatic downloads are a convenient option. But when it comes to overheating issues of your iPhone device, they're not doing your iPhone any favors.


  • To prevent overheating you should disable them. Visit the Settings in your iPhone.
  • Select the option mentioning [your device’s user name].
  • Go to “iTunes & App Store”.
  • Stop automatic downloading, so your iPhone’s overheating issue can be resolved. 

Network and Connectivity Issues:

Poor network connections or excessive data usage can strain your iPhone's resources.


Switch to Wi-Fi: Whenever possible, switch to a Wi-Fi connection to reduce strain on cellular data and prevent overheating.

Battery Age and Health:

If the battery health of your iPhone is not optimum, it can cause overheating


  • Check your battery health. Go to “Settings”.
  • There you will see an option of “Battery”
  • Select “Battery Health”.
  • If you find it significantly degraded, consider a battery replacement. 

Reset as a Last Resort:

When all else fails, initiate a reset.

  • Head to Settings.
  • Select “General”.
  • Then select “Reset”.
  • Reset All Settings.

This won't erase your data but serves as a comprehensive reboot. This Reset would return your settings to factory defaults and can help with overheating issues of your iPhone device.

Which iPhone Models Are More Prone to Overheating?

Now, let's address the burning question: Are certain iPhone models more susceptible to overheating? The truth is, that while all iPhones can experience overheating under certain conditions, some models may exhibit patterns more than others.

iPhone 12 Series

The iPhone 12 series, known for its 5G capabilities, may experience increased heat generation during prolonged 5G usage. To mitigate this, limit 5G usage when not necessary and switch to Wi-Fi.

iPhone X:

The iPhone X, a pioneer in facial recognition technology, might heat up during extensive use of Face ID and augmented reality (AR) applications. Ensure your environment is well-ventilated during such activities to avoid overheating of your iPhone X device.

 iPhone 6 and 6S

Older iPhone models like the 6 and 6S may struggle with newer, resource-intensive apps and updates. To minimize overheating, consider limiting the installation of the latest iOS versions on these models.


For preventing the overheating of your iPhone device, you should regularly update your iOS, optimize your app usage, and being mindful of external factors like temperature and ventilation. Additionally, addressing battery health, managing background processes, and considering the specific needs of your iPhone model contributes to overheat prevention.

By implementing these solutions, along with the occasional use of cooling accessories or monitoring apps, you can bid farewell to the frustration of overheating of iPhone device. Your iPhone, when well cared for, will not only operate at its best but also ensure an enjoyable user experience!

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