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Qcells freezes prices for solar energy plans

Leading global solar company Qcells is freezing energy plan prices for their solar battery customers until at least October

Global solar solution power provider Qcells has put in place an energy plan price freeze for Australian customers until at least October in preparation for the increase in energy costs from July 1. The price freeze is in place for the majority of winter for all of their energy plan customers with a Qcells battery in their homes. 

With the majority of Australians preparing for their energy bills to increase by at least 25% in the coming months, and up to 30% in certain areas, Qcells is freezing their prices to ensure Australians already concerned with the rising cost of living can keep their energy bills in check. Until the end of September 2023, every homeowner with a Qcells energy plan and battery installed won’t see their energy plan tariffs change.

In contrast to the majority of Australian energy retailers, QCells are going against the grain to ensure that the Australians who have invested in home solar are feeling the benefits of renewable and sustainable energy every day, as well as incentivising those still considering solar to take the next step. 

The price freeze will affect all existing Qcells energy plan customers, as well as those who sign up until the freeze ends or is extended. Mick Fell, General Manager of Qcells Australia, explained that the price freeze is not only to reward existing customers but also to continue opening pathways for other households to adopt solar.

“Australian homeowners need to take action to protect their lifestyle from the sadly predictable cost of living impacts of gas and electricity price increases, which feels difficult as businesses and individuals are looking to tighten their budgets. This upcoming price increase is something we knew was coming, and we’ve been able to plan around it to ensure our customers are feeling the benefit of their decision, but also so new customers can see how reducing their reliance on the grid can pay dividends.”

“Solar and battery solutions have never been more affordable, with manufacturers across the industry discounting their prices in Q2. We would encourage all homeowners to take control of their energy bill, electrify their homes, and install as much solar and battery as they can.”

To find out more about Qcells and their clean energy offerings visit


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