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Reasons to Build a Custom Home

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The most obvious reason why someone would want to build a custom home is revealed in the word “custom.” A homeowner who commissions the construction of a house can design it any way they want so their vision is fulfilled. But there are other reasons to build a custom home. Crown Construction gives us a few of them here.

An Eye Toward the Future

When you build a house, you can design it to accommodate your future needs. Whether that involves children or opening up a bed and breakfast, or something else entirely, you can ensure that the house you build will still be the house you need when your dreams come true. The most common reason why someone sells a house and moves into a bigger one is because they have a growing family. Building a custom home from the start allows you to stay in your home when those children come, but it also provides for your needs today.

Design for Family Time

Some existing homes are really chopped up or cobbled together with additions, which make them less than ideal for family activities and together time. The layout of your custom home can encourage an inclusive family environment by creating open, connected spaces that have flexible purposes. Your living room space merges seamlessly with the kitchen space so that cooking and relaxing are mixed together. The dining room is a part of the family room and kitchen so that entertaining doesn’t mean that some family members spend the entire time in a separate room. 

Lower Energy Bills

Today’s new houses are designed for energy efficiency, but when you build your own custom house, you can add even more energy-saving features like solar panels that aren’t standard on cookie cutter houses. Retrofitting an older house is always a possibility, but you have to work with what you’ve got, which isn’t always conducive to new technology. It can get very expensive very quickly to add energy efficient appliances and systems into an existing house. It’s much more cost effective to build an energy efficient house from scratch.


Your personality gets reflected in the house you build, which is pretty cool. You can pick your favorite features of all the houses you’ve ever lived in and include them in your new home. And adding new features like a reading nook, an artist space, or any other specialty rooms you want is easy and only limited by your imagination.

Integrated Technology

One of the fastest-changing facets of home design is technology. You can’t really keep up with it all, but it’s particularly difficult in an existing house. In your custom home, you can have all the smart features integrated as you house is built. No need to schedule aftermarket consultations and pay retrofit prices. Technology like security systems, multi-room audio systems, home automation, smart appliances, and more are always easier and more cost effective to integrate initially into your custom home than to add later.


Most homeowners, if given the opportunity, would love to design and build a custom home. So, if you have the chance to do just that, take it and run with it!


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