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How to Check Your Commercial Building for Mold Growth

Mold poses a huge health risk and can be bad if it goes unchecked. Mold also tends to spread, and as it spreads, it infects other things and, in this case, if your business has stock on hand or equipment, it could damage it. According to, 38% of basements with moisture problems are most likely to develop mold and fungal growth. There are a few ways to check your property for mold and eliminate the risks of it causing problems.

Potential Property Buyers Might Not Want To Purchase

If you plan on selling your commercial property, mold can deter potential buyers and even prolong the chances of a sale. When people are turning away from your efforts to sell your place, it is s dead giveaway that there might be mold festering.

Your Staff Are Constantly Sick

Mold has a nasty way of activating chest issues and congestion. It can also lower the immune system and cause inflammation. Sometimes people experience memory issues, headaches, fatigue, nerve problems, and vertigo, to name a few.

Concerns With Dampness

Dampness can cause all sorts of problems at the business property, leading to rising dampness and mold buildup. According to This Old House, more than 60% of U.S. homes have wet basements. As a result of wet basements, over 30% are at risk of basement mold. The same could happen if your commercial building has a damp basement or storage space. It will most likely cause a mold problem.

Equipment Showcasing Mold

Check the office's equipment if you suspect a mold-infested space to see if there is mold residue on the wires and at the back of the machines. Mold found on materials and equipment is a huge sign that the specific space is not mold-free and should be treated for the problem.

Moisture Problems

Moisture problems are eminent in buildings with mold. You may see dampness building up on the walls and the ceilings, and as moisture remains, it causes mold to occur. Mold spores grow, and as they grow, they continue to multiply and spread, literally eating from the surface they're growing on. Seeing the continuous moisture on surfaces is a sign of damp buildup.

Detecting Mold Processes

There are many ways that professional companies use to test mold in a building. One of the main ways to test for mold is air sampling. Mold spores not only attach to surfaces but can also be detected in the air. The air inside the mold-affected building is different than in the air outside. Sampling of air also helps determine mold in buildings that don't appear to have any mold. Mold sampling the physical mold materials present in the building is another way to test for mold. Mold can form on hard and soft surfaces, for instance, carpets, wood, and plastic. After the findings, the removal process commences. Some people use HEPA vacuum cleaners, as they can trap and keep the mold inside the bag. Using detergents, the next step is following up with a complete wipe-down.


While business properties may prove positive for mold, about 70% of homes in the U.S. still have mold problems. An estimated 28% of people are genetically predisposed to mold-related health problems, without people even realizing that the mold made them sick.

You might not be sure if your premises have mold or need precautions against mold. The good news is you can take a mold test in your business to ensure your company, its staff, and customers are safe from this rapidly spreading fungus.


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