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Tech stack streamlining required for peak productivity

  • Written by Business Daily Media’s latest survey reveals an overwhelming amount of Australian employees feel they don’t have the software tools they need to succeed 

Only 18% of Australian employees agree they have the tools to streamline work processes despite using an average of nine different technology tools each month. Ltd. (NASDAQ: MNDY) (“”), a work operating system (Work OS) where organisations of any size can create the tools and processes they need to manage every aspect of their work, today released a new report surveying Australian knowledge workers for insights on their concept of productivity, time management and workflow automation. 

Created in partnership with independent research company RepData LLC, surveyed 4,000 workers worldwide including 400 Australian respondents across various industries. The research found that while employees in Australia and across the globe are seeking simplicity in their work, an obstacle is hindering them; their companies. 

While over 90 per cent of Australian employees say productivity is critical to business success in 2023, only 18 per cent of local respondents believe they have the tools required to streamline work processes to reach their most productive state. This figure lags behind knowledge workers from both the US (29 per cent) and the UK (23 per cent), and is second lowest only to Japan knowledge workers at 11 per cent.  

According to, Australian knowledge workers are using 9.1 technology tools on average each month and believe nine or more hours could be saved for productive work each week through a more consolidated toolset. Australian knowledge workers’ use of technology tools currently sits below the global average of 10.5, yet only 20 per cent are very satisfied with their technology platforms to manage their workload productively. 

“Our research shows a disconnect between the employer and employees' version of efficiency when it comes to processes, tools and workflows. While productivity is viewed by Australian workers as the most critical pillar for ongoing success, many do not feel empowered by the right tech stack and tools to reach their full productivity potential,” said APJ Vice-President, Dean Swan. “'As we navigate this evolving world of work, employees are craving productivity, and organisations need to meet them where they are. Companies may want to consider updating their infrastructure to put employees in the best position to achieve company goals.”

The research did find the attitudes of Australian workers remain on par with their global counterparts when it comes to the top three priorities for business success in 2023, with prioritising productivity (95 per cent), time management (92 per cent) and team collaboration (89 per cent) polling highest for each country surveyed besides Germany which ranked collaboration as most important. 

“With the rise of varied work structures over the last few years, including remote, in-person, hybrid, and virtual, we’ve seen expectations of our work life fundamentally shift,” said Hila Levy-Loya, VP of Strategy at “These results further prove what we’ve always known - employees want to maximise their efficiency at work in the way that is best for them. It’s important that everyone in an organisation - from entry-level employee to manager to C-Suite executive - feels empowered to use the right tools to navigate this new landscape and help them be the most productive, no matter how or where they work.”

The report includes several notable findings that paint a picture of employee sentiment about their day-to-day, including:

Less is more. Employees want to go back to basics.

On average, Australians use 9.1 technology tools each month, split evenly between web-based (i.e., Gmail, Slack, etc.) and PC-based (Outlook, MS Office, etc.). This is lower than the global average of 10.5 technology tools per month. 

Globally, workers believe they could save 10+ hours weekly with tech consolidation.

Employees recognise the value of streamlining work technology and tools.

83% of local knowledge workers believe collaboration and productivity tools improve employee engagement (87% US & 82% UK).

78% of Australian knowledge workers agree consolidation of their company’s toolset should be a high priority – with this higher in larger companies (83% US & 83% UK).

Workflow Automation is a top priority for employees but organisations are lacking in education and delivery

Only one-fifth of Australian workers completely agreed their company had the tools already to automate (28% US & 21% UK) 

83 per cent of local knowledge workers say workflow automation will change their daily lives, for the better, over the next three years ( (78% GLOBAL, 82% US & 80% UK)

To review the full survey results and learn more, visit this page.


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