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Western Sydney International Airport collaborated with Lifesize Plans

Western Sydney Business Collaboration Delivers Design Refinement

Western Sydney International Airport team walks through terminal design at Lifesize Plans

Lifesize Plans’ patented state-of-the-art technology, which projects a site’s complete layout on a 1:1 scale and helps improve design for better building and delivery of purposeful spaces, welcomed Western Sydney International Airport (WSI) representatives in 2022 to their showroom to bring their planned terminal design to life.

Over three visits, critical spaces of the terminal including the check-in, security, boarding and baggage claim areas were reviewed to identify possible design refinements.  As well as walking through the projected floorplans, WSI brought in check-in kiosk, bag-drop, trolley, and column props to place on the design and bring the projected floorplan a more realistic experience of what a traveler would encounter.

“It is critical that an airport’s design maximises the flow for a large number of customers,” said Kylie Morris, General Manager Customer Experience, WSI.

“It was important for our Executive Committee and key design and customer teams to see these spaces brought to life.” WSI also brought members of their customer research panel to Lifesize Plans to experience the design.

“Customer representatives, of different age groups and abilities, giving their feedback on the design was an exciting and highly valuable process which further helped assess and define our customers’ needs,” said Kylie.

“The Lifesize Plans experience was a highly valuable one. The team did find design refinements from the walk-through which we may not have identified had we not experienced the design first-hand.”

The Western Sydney International Airport design walk-through experience at Lifesize Plans in just one way in which Western Sydney-based businesses are collaborating to deliver improved customer service and business efficiency.

“The Lifesize Plans experience ensured Western Sydney International Airport’s terminal was seamlessly designed from a customer experience point of view,” said Lifesize Plans CEO James Hickey. “Western Sydney International Airport will drive growth in Western Sydney for decades to come and it’s important for associated businesses to identify local collaboration opportunities to maximise their prospects,” said James.

Allowing local businesses to discover more of the potential opportunities arising from the development of Western Sydney Airport, Western Sydney International Airport’s CEO Simon Hickey is the keynote speaker at the Canterbury-Bankstown Chamber of Commerce’s (CBCC) next Business After 5 event on Monday, 15 May 2023.

“The event will be one of the first opportunities for business leaders to listen to Western Sydney International Airport’s CEO Simon Hickey,” said Wally Mehanna, CEO of the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce. “I encourage local business leaders to attend and discover more about how Western Sydney International Airport will help develop our region of Sydney.”

More information on the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce Business After 5 event can be found here:


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